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Here's a photo journal of the mods that I've done to my truck since I bought it. I'll keep the new stuff at the top.

Note: Most of the picture captions are clickable.

Ebony Dash Bezels (04-27-2017)

Luxury Door Sill Plates (04-17-2017)

Clear Corners (round 2) (01/26/2017)

Wicked Kreations Key Fob (12/24/2016)

Famous Dave's BBQ Meet (09/03/2016)

Shank Park Photo Shoot at NESM 8 (08/20/2016)

NESM 8 Prep (08/18/2016)

Lake Nockamixon and Lake Towhee Photo Shoot (05-20-2016)

Glencairn Estate, Bryn Athyn, PA Photo Shoot (10/22/2016)

Riegelsville Bridge (09/18/2016)

GM Air Flow Indicator (07/30/2016)

Airport Photo Shoot (05/25/2015)

DRL Cover RivNuts and Screw Caps

Antenna Plug Cover (05/23/2015)

EZ-Down Glove Box (05/21/2015)

Airbag Warning Stickers Removed from Sunshade Visors (05/19/2015)

Colormatched Hood Struts (05/05/2015)

Reinstalled Clear Reflectors (04/20/2015)

H3 Floor Shift Conversion (07/28/2014)

My RPO Codes (01/22/2015)

New BFGoodrich g-Force T/A KDWS Tires

Bethlehem Steel Plant Photo Shoot

Abandoned Auto Body Shop Shoot

Odyssey Battery Installed

Bucks County Court House Photo Shoot

River Road Photo Shoot

Supermodulation DayTime Running Light Conversion Kit (10/13/2012)

Hummer H3 Negative Battery Terminal Cover (9/28/2012)

[URL=""]Clear Reflectors

LED Tail Lights ala Supermodulation (4/08/2012)

VVME 6000k HID's (3/19/2012)

QA1 Top Stud Converison (3/19/2012)

Smokin' Hot (8/23/2011)

SSBC Disc Brake Conversion (8/23/2011)

Fresh Pics (5/11/2011)

New intake tube and painted TBSS cover (3/12/2011)

Klaum's Service Station Photo Shoot (1/23/2011)


Wycombe Station Photo Shoot (1/5/2011)

Red HVAC Controls (12/18/2010)

Red Headlight Switch (12/12/2010)

Red Door Switches (12/4/2010)

Leather door panels (12/4/2010)

Spare Tire Cover (12/4/2010)

Red LED Cluster (10/23/2010)

Extreme Headlamps and Parking Lamps (10/20/2010)

Clear Reflectors (09/18/2010)

Billet Super Servos (09/11/2010)

Moravian Tile Works Photo Shoot (09/09/2010)

Parking Garage Photo Shoot (09/02/2010)

Down by the Railroad Tracks Photo Shoot (09/01/2010)

PECO Substation Photo Shoot (08/19/2010)

Campbell's Pond Photo Shoot (08/17/2010)

Font Hill Photo Shoot (08/17/2010)

Colored matched the EZDown strut (08/14/2010)

TBSS Engine Cover (07/21/2010)

Late Night Cruisin' (07/11/2010)

Railroad Bridge Pics (07/08/2010)

H3 Hummer Leather Armrest (07/05/2010)

EZ-Down Tailgate Dampener Installed (07/02/2010)

Fresh pics.. (6/22/2010)

EZ-Down Tailgate damper (6/2010)

Transmission Shift Cable Bracket Modification (5/7/2010)

Replaced U-Bolts with longer U-Bolts. (5/7/2010)

Dual Borla ProXS Exhaust (4/2010)

3" Static drop (04/2010)

Red Gauge Pointers (04/2010)

Spring Pics (04/2010)

QA1 Adjustable Coilovers and QA1 Rear Shocks (03/2009)

AIRBAGIT Frame Notch Kit (03/2010)

JTR 3" Rear Lowering Kit & Drive Shaft Alignment Kit (03/2010)

SSK QA1 Goodies (03/2010)

AllSales Black Billet Shorty (21") Antenna (03/2010)

GM Homelink (03/2009)

JTR Low Profile Cross Member Installed - (03/2010)

Flipped LED 3rd Brake Light - (03/2010)

Reflection in a '32 Ford headlamp housing.

Swapped out the rear slider for solid glass - (02/2010)

President's Day Photo Shoot (02/2010)

All Washed Up (02/2010)

Lloyd's LUX Floor Mats

The Wolf! - Farva Black Nickle Auto Transmision Shifter (1/2010)

The Wolf! - Farva Black Nickle Hand Controls (1/2010)

Compustar Remote Starter (01/2010)

GM Coin Holder

GM Silicon Cup Holder Inserts

SuperModulation LED 3rd Brake Light (11/2009)

Rear Bumper Garage Shelf (11/2009)

Windows Tinted (18%) 11/2009

My Entourage..

Small (ZQ8) Flares (10/2009)

DRL Covers (11/2009)

SuperModulation LED dome light

SuperModulation's Sequential Amber Signals

Rear View Camera

Dynolock Tailgate Lock

Kenwood eXcelon DNX-9140

Microphone for voice commands

Push-to-Talk Button under Console Lid

Hidden GPS Antenna and EZ-Pass

SuperModulation's White LED Footwell and Glovebox lights.

Mercury Tilt Switch in Tailgate to Control LED Cargo Lights.

SuperModulation's White LED Lights along the bed rails

Street Scene Dual Signal Mirrors with Heat

Cowl Hood and Street Scene Gen II Bumper Cover

Color Match Billet License Plate Frame with LED Lite-N-Boltz.

Street Scene Roll Pan

Redline Tuning Elite Hood Struts (07/2009)

Custom Upholstered Tonneau Cover and BedRug (06/2009)

LT Sport Aluminum Tonneau Cover (06/2009)

Stebel Horns (06/2009)

Street Scene Speed Grills/Bowtie (06/2009)

Full Debadge and Smoothed Fuel Door (06/2009)

5.3L V8 - 300hp (06/2009)

Delivery Day - June 2, 2009

Window Sticker... Yep, it's loaded.

Brand Spankin' New! (06/2009)

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RSHADD's Build Journal

Well after waiting 8 weeks for my new truck, it's finally here.

It's a 2009 Chevy Colorado Ext. Cab LT3. Victory Red, Ebony Leather, Sunroof, Side Air Bags, 3.42 Locking Rear. I ordered every option except for the towing package and the engine block heater.

Here's a couple of pics as it arrives at the dealership.

That's right, only 8 miles on the odometer. Brand new.

It was worth the wait. I love it.

note: FWIW the date on these pics is off a day. The pics were taken on 6/1/2009.

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Re: New 2009 Colorado V8 Owner

This truck is going to be modded. I started buying parts soon after I ordered the truck. Now I've got a garage full of goodies...

Just a few mods for now.

Goodmark Steel 2" Cowl Induction Hood. (went to paint today)
LT Sport Tonneau Cover (carpeted underside)
Street Scene Cal-Vu Power Dual Signal Mirrors (with heat). (went to paint today)
Street Scene Gen I Rolled Pan (went to paint today)
Street Scene Gen II Front Bumper Cover (went to paint today)
Street Scene Chrome Speed Grill & Valence (may powder coat these black chrome).
Street Scene Billet Bowtie (may powder coat this black chrome).
Stebel TM80/2 Horns
HID (low & high) 6000K
Billet License Plate Frame (painted victory red)
DEI LED Lite'N Boltz Domed License Plate Bolts
DynoLock Power Tailgate Lock
Smoothed Gas Door (swapped from my S10).
Redline Tuning Hood Struts
K&N Filter

Tryin to get this done for the North East Super Meet III.

Phase two... Stereo. (The Kenwood DNX9140... is lookin' pretty cool.)

Phase three... Suspension. Yeah it's goin' lower.

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Re: New 2009 Colorado V8 Owner

Trucks been in the garage now for about an hour. The badges have been removed and the gas door has been smoothed. I made arrangements with the dealer and swapped the gas door from my 2000 S10 Xtreme that I traded in.

Door popper installed...


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Re: New 2009 Colorado V8 Owner

Here's the LT Sport tonneau cover. Still in the box. This is the underside. The top side has already been painted. I plan to upholster the underside with some sort of black or charcoal material. I've got to look and find something that I like.

I plan on getting the bedrug and the tonneau installed on Friday. Everything else is at the body shop getting sprayed.

VVME HID 6000K High and Lows. I may or may not install these. I got to figure out a way to make the turn signals act as the daytime running lights. Running half voltage to the ballast is no good.

I hated the weak "meep, meep" sound of the OEM horns. These are much louder and sound GM truck is supposed to sound like.

These Redline Tuning Hood Struts are nice and eliminate the need for the OEM hood prop.

Trust me... I'm anxious to get it done. I'm really looking forward to the debuting the truck at NESM. It'll probably be the first V8 colorado seen by most.

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Re: New 2009 Colorado V8 Owner

Delivery at Lafferty Chevrolet! 06/01/2009

Here are some pics before and dealer prep was done. Keep in mind these pics were taken an hour after the truck was unloaded from the delivery truck.

The black plastic lug nut covers have not been installed yet not have the center caps for the wheels.

The long bag contains the antenna.

Plastic is still on the seats and steering wheel.

Sticker on the rearview mirror.

Factory sunroof. I'm a bit disappointed with how far this opens.

Sticker on the radio.

Floor mats... wrapped in plastic behind the drivers seat.

Love the 5.3L V8! (notice that '09 have a hood insulation panel).

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Re: New 2009 Colorado V8 Owner

Well I was really hoping to debut this at NESM today, but the rain kept my from attending.

Street Scene Chrome Speed Grilles

Here's a shot of the front end. Street Scene Chrome Speed Grills, Bowtie and 2" Cowl Induction Hood.

Goodmark 2" Cowl Induction Hood painted and installed.

Street Scene Grille Gear - Chrome Bowtie Emblem (#950-82012)

Redline Tuning Hood Struts. These work great and make opening the hood a snap. I like how they hold the hood in any position.

This shot features shows the tonneau cover, flipped 3rd brake lamp, smoothed fuel door and full de-badge.

Stebel TM/80-2 horns. They're really loud and sound like what you'd excpet a GM truck to sound like.
There's a sound clip Stebel trombe tm80/2 Horn Installation And Sound if you want to hear 'em.

This is a shot of the BedRug and also shows the carpeted underside of the tonneau cover. I painted all of the brackets black.

This is the back end. Street Scene Gen I bumper cover, billet license plate frame (painted red) and LED license plate bolts. Gotta fix that "chevy lean" when I drop it.

I'll get some better outdoor pics soon. (if it every stops raining in Pennsylvania).

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Re: Footwell Courtesy Lights

Your truck is setup for handicap?
Yep. Hand Controls.

LT Tonneau Cover was installed today.

I carpeted the underside with some low nap black carpet that I found at Lowe's...

All of the the brackets and hardware were painted satin black.


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Re: Footwell Courtesy Lights

do you have any pics of this setup. I was thinking of doing something like hand controls.
Here are a few pics of the hand controls that are installed on my truck. I have a spinal cord injury, so I use a wheelchair to get around.. The zq8/ext. cab/3rd door combo really works well for me. I fold my wheelchair and store it behind the drivers seat.

The hand controls are Wells-Engberg CP-200.

Push forward to brake. Push down (towards your lap) to accelerate.

The GM Mobility programs pays for most of this. (up to $1000).

GM's drive by wire present some challenges for the installed. On my S10, the throttle cable connected directly to the throttle body and made for a cleaner looking installation. With the Colorado the accelerator cable had to be connected to the accelerator pedal assembly.

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Re: New 2009 Colorado V8 Owner

I installed the stereo system over the weekend. Whew, what a project. I had someone helping me so I didn't stop and take a bunch of pics.

Here's the components for the stereo installation.

Apple 120GB iPod (Gen 6)
Boston Acoustic Pro60SE (front & rear)
DynoMat Extreme (front and rear doors)
Kenwood CCD-2000 Color Rear View Camera (mounted in tailgate keyhole)
Kenwood eXcelon DNX9140 (custom startup screen)
Kenwood iPod Interface Cable
Rockford Fosgate 4 Gauge Amp Kit

We started on Thursday afternoon by taking out most of the interior and installing the dynamat sound deadener.

Next, I started with the Street Scene CalVu Power Dual Signal Mirrors with heat. The toughest part was getting the two wires for the heat and turn signal through the doors and into the cab. I anticipated this would be a royal bitch, but it wasn't too bad. I'm surprised how bright the signals are. They really get your attention.

I dynomated the front and rear doors and then installed Boston Acoustics Pro60SE speakers in the front and rear doors. The crossovers are big, but I managed to get them mounted in the doors on the rear doors and I mounted them to the door panels in the front doors.

I like these speakers since the tweeter is removable for the installation in the front doors. The chrome ring from the speaker kits matches the gauge cluster nicely and looks OEM.

Next, I mounted the Alpine PDX 4.150 amp under the passenger seat. I fits nicely, it's out of sight yet still easy to get to if necessary. I ran a 4 gauge amp kit from Rockford Fosgate.
I was pleasantly surprised at how flexible the cable was... nice stuff.

Finally I wired up the Metra GMOS-01 interface kit to the GM harness, this interface retains the door chimes, OnStar and lets you make all your soldered connections outside of the truck and on the bench. Once the Metra interface was wired up to the radio harness and the GM harness, the connections to the head unit were all simple plug-ins. Definately the way to go.

This switch activate the voice controls. I mounted it so it's right at my finger tips. I'm not to keen on this switch and may change it to something smaller that looks better.

This is where I mounted the microphone for the bluetooth.

Finally, I then mounted the Kenwood Excelon DNX-9140 head unit and plugged everything in. I was delighted when I reconnected the battery and everything worked. This head unit is amazing, nicest interface I've seen and the sounds it awesome. It's the tits.

Now for that drop... But that's another weekend.

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RSHADD's Build Journal

I had James modify the dome light for my 2009. GM changed the dome light for 2009. The new version has a center section and two map lights.

They're really bright with just the center section, but just click on the outside map lights and the cab is ridiculously bright.

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RSHADD's Build Journal

:supermod: :supermod: :supermod: :supermod: :supermod: :supermod:

Cargo Light LED's by SuperModulation

With the tonneau cover closed it gets pretty dark in the back of the bed. SuperModulation created a set of custom white LED's for me that are mounted under the bed rails. I have them hooked up to tilt switch in the tailgate. Open the tailgate and the bed is drentched in white light.

These are super bright and really light up the bed.

Installed by the man, himself. Thanks James!

:supermod: :supermod: :supermod: :supermod: :supermod: :supermod:

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RSHADD's Build Journal

Here's how I mounted my rearview camera...

I purchased a new locking tailgate handle and then mounted the camera in the keyhole.

The headunit is a Kenwood DNX-9140.
The camera I used is a Kenwood CCD-2000.

Here's some pics...

This shows where I mounted the camera. It's in the tailgate handle where tailgate lock normally would normally be. (I have a dynolock, so I don't need the factory lock).
I used a dremel tool to make it fit nicely. Then fabricated a bracket to hold everything in place.

This picture shows the view from the outside. It's pretty stealth.
Most people won't even know it's there plus it's protected from the elements and any would be thieves.

This picture shows the view of the displayed camera image. It automatically switches to this view when the gear shift is moved to reverse.

Here's the back end of my truck.

I like the way it keeps every thing looking "clean".

Here's how I ran the wires from the tailgate into the cab.

I wrapped mine in Black Polyethylene Slit Loom. I think I used 3/8" loom.

I then ran that up along the passenger side frame rail.

I drilled a hole in the cab floor installed a grommet then pass the loom in to the cab. I sealed up the hole with silicone.

Once in the cab, I ran the wires under the passenger side sill plate, behind the passenger side kick panel, then behind the dash to the radio.

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Re: Rear View Camera

where did you get a locking tailgate handle?
looks awesome btw
I pickup up the handle from my local chevy dealer for $61. It's was a little cheaper from GMParts Direct, but I was in a hurry and the dealer had one in stock.
The GM part number is #25801998.

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RSHADD's Build Journal

Installed a DynoLock (Locking Tailgate). The Dynolock is an electrical actuator kit for the 355's that will lock/unlock for tailgate when you lock or unlock your doors.

I used the High Security Actuator (#CCM04C-HSA) version which cost $114.73[/B]

This is what's included in the kit. You get an actuator...

Electrical connectors, wires ties, grommet...

This wire goes in the tailgate...

This wire runs from the tailgate to cab...

I removed the glove box door and the passenger side access panel on the dash. The wires are wrapped with a black fabric material. These wire trace back to the electrical connector in the door jams. I carefully cut the black fabric back with x-acto knife to reveal the gray and tan wires for the door locks.

With the hard cover tonneau locked and closed this tailgate lock secures the contents of the bed.

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RSHADD's Build Journal

I picked up a used set of smooth victory red small flares last week for $100. I installed them this afternoon and was pleased with the outcome.

Here's some before and after pics.



GM stopped stopped including these with the ZQ8 package in '09.

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Re: Capital Mods, yeah whats up next for you?

Got my front windows tinted:

Also installed of Supermodulation's Amber Sequential LED DRLs:

So what's next? ...I have a set of DRL covers from MWCKY2204 that I still need to install. Just waiting for it to stop raining, so I can paint them.[/B]
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