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Sorry I messaged . you again... didn't see where you had sent this message.
What gauge of wire and color of wire did you use to connect the led strips to the dome light.
Also, I have Alpena max light strips. They are two separate light strips. Each one has a neg and pos wire. Should I wire them two together first?

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For some reason Rich the 60,000 caught me off guard.

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Picked up a new piece of 12x24" black leather to replace the worn rocker protector that I installed a few years a ago.

The leather has worked out well, but it's getting ratty lookin'.. and it's time to replace it.

I set the new leather where I wanted it and marked the holes for the door sill retainers.

Then I used a 3/8" leather punch to cut the holes.

Reinstalled the door sills and done.

It flips up nicely to close the door.

This really helps the rockers from getting beat up loading my wheelchair. I regret not doing this sooner.

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Picked up a GM Air Flow Indicator and grommet. Yeah, I know it's kinda of silly and I still don't know the rhyme nor reason why some 5.3L got them and so didn't but now I got one.
So, why would having the GM Air Flow Indicator be needed?

Does this thing let you know when your air filter is dirty and is restricting air flow or something?

My truck came with one by I've never paid any attention to it since I use the AEM air filter and clean it about ever 10k
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