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I had to do my rear brakes after 188600km on the OEM parts and up here they use road salt so they were really rusted on to the axle hub.

Before this I never had pulled the drums, in retrospect - it would have been a good idea but never expected to keep the truck this long. Oh well.

Started with spraying rust penetrative oil (moove-it) on the drum/hub interface. Let it soak for overnight.

So to remove them I drilled 2 1/2" holes at the 12 oclock position just outside the wheel mounting surface spaced ~ 9/16" apart - started with a 1/4" bit then stepped up to 1/2".
Once the 2 holes were in the drum I used the 1/2" bit to get a slot between the 2 holes.

Rotate the axle 180* and repeat.

Then I used a loan a tool rear axle slide hammer with the 90* foot on the end and worked both sides of the drum with the slide hammer and after about 20 whacks it came loose.

NOTE: you will need to replace the drums if you do this.

About 1 hour per side + replacing the shoes.
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