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ScanGauge Question

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I am looking in to getting a scan gauge, and saw on their website that they have a new version out (1.3). I have got a couple of questions...

What parameters can everyone see with the 1.2, assuming no one has the 1.3?

If someone has the 1.3, you are supposed to be able to access manufacturer things like tranny temp,etc. Can anyone verify this?

I already have an elm327 bluetooth module from eBay that I use on my phone and I am able to see O2's, CLOSED/OPEN, coolant temp, speed, rpm, instantaneous mpg, map, maf, timing advance, throttle %, load %, battery voltage, freeze frame, permanent DTC, pending DTC, confirmed DTC, plus some more that I cant think of.

I would really love to be able to see transmission temp, fuel pressure, gallons left, dte (distance to empty), current gear, lockup status, plus maybe more! I would be willing to pay the $75 for the 1.3 if I could get most of those features.

Let me know what's what!
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I have a scangauge2. Mine is set for trans,water, and oil temp. Oil pressure as well.

do a search for scangauge2. You will find more info.
Dude, you rock thank you!

I will probably order it from Amazon, when I do. I like the fact that you can make custom gauges for manufacturer specific parameters. You definitely cant do that on the regular scangauge.
One question though, can you get oil pressure on the 05's? I thought it was a threshold sensor (above threshold, under threshold)?
I don't think so. But you can get oil life where I cant. There is some trade off.
I don't think so. But you can get oil life where I cant. There is some trade off.
That is what I thought. Will I be able to get oil pressure when I swap in a 07 3.7? Not sure if that really will make any difference on that prospect. The 07 swap will more than likely not happen for quite a while, but the 3.5 is getting TIRED even with the tune.

I really love the expandability of the scangauge ii though. It is alot like the elm237 i have, except you cant do that many custom parameters.
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