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2011 V8 Colorado
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I've been directed here to post this information.

I have been in contact with Linear Logic and we have logged data from my truck. For those with ScanGauge 2 trying to get oil life percentage to work on 08+ CANSF protocol, enter this information. Use any name you wish (OIL) or (OLF). I used OLF.
Engine Oil Life Remaining (%)
TXD: 07E01A6D
RXF: 045A056D0000
RXD: 2808
MTH: 006400FF0000
It -should- work. Works on my '11 V8.

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Does anyone have the code they used off of the list of command codes that worked? I got a good deal on a Scangauge2 with extra cable and blend mount.
Which specific function are you looking to display? What year is your truck?
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