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Here are some of my Photos from this weekends Super Meet up here in Ontario Canada...

Jus1308 Made an attendance in the morning but unfortunely had to leave before more photos, thanks Justin!

Exhaust set up on his truck is amazing!!!

In the morning waiting for everyone to show up, mostly just for slade haha

Rastok (Kevin) & Bruce Almighty (Bruce)

rkj___ (Ryan) and the Ladies hanging out (Maxtoon's Wife Cindy, V-DUB's Girlfriend Chrissy & Muskoka's Wife Roslyn)

parts_guy (Paul), HEYElliott (Elliott) & Autobot Trucker (Alex)

SECSM IV Trophies and Raffle Prizes

Checking out Jeff.d's Engine

Pre-Cuirse Beverage (Only light Beer) with Krazyhaus (Kurt)

Krazyhaus (Kurt) cruising with the wheel out the window

Letting Rastok (Kevin) Drive my truck for the Cruise

He found a new hat in the truck...

The Line up..

"Now Everyone get the eff out of the way!!!" haha

slade (Jerremy) Photo Battle

The ladies hangin out while the boys play with their toys, (Chrissy, Rosyln & Brenda (slade's wife))

boddah (mike)

Canadiancollychick18 (Chrissy) (V-DUB's Lifted Truck)

Jeff.d (Jeff)

rkj___ (Ryan)

zasker (Derek)

Muskoha (Andrew)

HEYElliott (Elliott)

Thebeast012 (Adam)

slade (Jerremy)

parts_guy (Paul)

Bruce Almighty (Bruce)

Autobot Trucker (Alex)

TheKillerInTheCloset (Taylor)

Jesse (Jesse)

Maxtoon (Mike)

YianniXTR (Jon)

S_Cooney (Stephen)

Krazyhaus (Kurt)

V-DUB (Dan)

Rastok (Kevin) wanted to get his old red colly in the line up

slade (Jerremy) finding a sweet view

Hey Autobot Trucker (Alex)!!!

Maxtoon (Mike) checking out his photos..

Smoke Break (S_Cooney, Krazyhaus, YianniXTR)

Lets see who is really taller...

2011 Colorado w/ 1.5" BL 4" Rancho and Cranked vs. 2006 Colorado w/ 3" BL 4" Skyjacker, for some reason the 2011 with the 1.5"BL was taller.

Jeff.d on a misson

thebeast012 (Adam) join in on the fun

Maxtoon getitng some more shots...

Watching some Flexing (zasker, Rastok, Muskoha, boddah & Jeff.d)

Autobot Trucker (Alex) doing a driveby with the go pro

Cameron (slade's Son) cute.

Jeff.d Second Mission..

boddah doing some urban offroading

Maxtoon (Mike) & Cindy Cruising Back

Hit some Stop Lights, so take some photos..

Maxtoon's Nightfury Paint was impressive...

sladee (Jerremy) doing his responsibility as a father


Pool Time Fun (TheKillerInTheCloset & His GF, Brittany)

HEYElliot having too much fun in the pool

Krazyhaus (Kurt)

V-DUB's Cousin (Christian)

V-DUB's Father (John)

rkj___ (Ryan)

Rastok (Kevin) doing what he does best, but having alittle difficulty with it.

Muskoha's wife Rosyln

Rastok found the wine

TheKillerInTheCloset (Taylor)


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Offroading time.....

So we get to the Pit only to find the entrance from last year looks like this.... impossible to get over and even if you did there was a huge hole on the other side :(

After some looking we got in the the fund started.... Jeff.d sand hill climb

Same hill Muskoha

Pause need some photos of clean truck first.

Was talking to Jeff.d and as he pulled away in his truck i notice this...

So time for some offroad Modding..




Krazyhaus ride along

Offroad Line Up (Thebeast012, HEYElliott, boddah, V-DUB, Jeff.d, rkj___, Muskoha)

Got Lost by myself, so prefect time for photos

Jeff.d Hill Climb

Snack Time



thebeast012 digging a hole...

Jeff.d to the rescue..

HEYElliot aka GO PRO truck


boddah got his ride along, Rastok, covered in mud

Chrissy got bored of me taking photos and stole me truck...

HEYElliot getting it dirty.

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Damn all these pics.........I really need to make the trek up there

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had a blast! hopefully we get even more members out next year
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