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Hi all,

I have been on the site for a while but never made an official introduction.

I am currently looking to sell my V8 Canyon. It has 100,400 miles and is in pristine condition. See my garage for pictures.

Asking $19,600 OBO

Here are the details:

I bought this truck brand new in 2012. I am the only owner. This thing has been very well taken care of. I own the truck and it is not financed. I am looking for serious buyers only and will consider a cash discount. I am in no hurry to sell and will wait for the right offer.

Oil changed every 5000 miles with Mobile One Full Synthetic Oil. I have used nothing but the highest quality oils and have only used OEM or higher quality replacement parts. I have followed the owner’s manual religiously and have never missed a service.

The vehicle has been in two minor accidents which by no means effect the look, drivability, and quality of the vehicle. The first was damage to the rear of the vehicle and I had the bumper replaced. Thankfully, this vehicle has break-away bumper and it is unnoticeable. The second was front end damage that cracked the bumper plastic trim. This was a very minor incident and the trim was replaced.

Recently Serviced Items:
Oil Change - 100,000
Front, Rear Differentials – 85,000
Transfer Case – 85,000
Transmission Pan Gasket Replaced – 85,000
Transmission Fluid – 85,000
Brand new battery (Odyssey Extreme AGM) – 100,000
Newer Shocks (Bilstein 4600 series) – 75,000
Tires – 63,500
Upgraded front disc brakes to heavy duty slotted rotors (Power Stop K5405-36 Front Z36 Truck and Tow Brake Kit) – 75,000

**The service manual calls for new spark plugs at 97,500 miles. I have not replaced these. **

Other Upgrades:
K&N Air Filter
LED Headlights and Fog lights
Custom LED cargo light
Bug deflector
Full Window Tint
Weathertech Floor Mats (Front and Back)

Reason for Selling: Sadly, I don’t want to get rid of it, but I really don’t use the truck anymore. I have a long commute to work and I purchased a car to eat the miles. I also have two kids and two dogs, and this thing doesn’t have quite enough room for our family needs. It is an absolutely gorgeous vehicle and I hope it can go to a home where it will be well cared for.


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I've read the post twice and still don't see a price. What are you asking for?
Also, I just find it all too ironic that with all the Colorado owners on this site, that a guy that actually lives in Colorado - drives a Canyon!!
Maybe I'm just silly - but I just find that terribly humorous!!
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