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History; Prior to this the check engine light would come on randomly, most commonly after a fill up, but not always and no real consistency. It would go away when I got down to almost empty before the low fuel light would come on. I currently have a K&N 75 Intake so am thinking the check engine might be related to this and it is running a little lean. But that is a different story.

Lets start with this morning. Went to start the truck and dash came on, but didn't turn over. Try a few more times and nothing.
Opened the hood, jiggled the battery cables and tried to start again and started right up.
Next thing I noticed was the SERV 4WD message came on. the check engine light is now off (it was on yesterday) and I can't change to 4wd.

2006 Z71 Crew has about 64,000 miles.

I plan on disconnecting the battery cables tonight to see if things will resolve themselves with a soft reset.

Is there any way to diagnose/clear this without spending 3-4 hundred for a tool or taking it to a dealer and who knows how much it will cost?

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