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GM Bulletin No: 04-08-57-004A.....Reseal Cowl 0.5 hr

Got tired of water under my feet so I did a check on the net and this bulletin came up. Fix is very easy and the only problem I had was that I did not place the wiper motor back in it's grove thus making the wiper rub on the glass. I used some Wally World outdoor sealer for $3.50.

My method was to wash area in cowl with a sopy brush to get the dirt out, then dry and put a thin coat along cowl from middle of cowl to the drivers side end. Then I used a finger to smooth it into said grove, then overnite drying, then a second-bigger coat. There is a hole on the left end of the cowl for water to run out. You wanna seal everything but that hole.


1...The wiper assembly should be in the open-far left in order to remove the assembly from cowl area
2...Cycle the wiper assembly in the down position after finishing {without wipers on}
3...Look on the dark part of the windsheld for a round-clear mark or a rectangle clear mark.
which is the at-rest position of the wipers
4...Tighten each wiper in the down position with said wiper close to that mark
5...Windshield wiper arm torque is 24 to 28 foot pounds
6...Wiper assembly/motor to cowl is 81 i n c h pounds
7...If you don't place the wiper motor into its groove, then your wipers will rub on the windshield
8...When removing the wiper arms, unscrew the bolt a bit then use a pair of plyers against the wiper body stem and the top of the nut that is still attached to the arm. Said action will loosen up the arm after which you finished unscrewing the bolt and remove the wiper arms with ease
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