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Set of 4 Factory 16" '08 to '12 4x4 &/or V8 Rims & Tires

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I just got new Rims & Tires. My factory set is for sale. Pick Up or Meet around Baytown, Texas (35 miles East of Houston- 55 miles West of Beaumont). Tires are Goodyear Wrangler ST 235/75-R16 they only have 13K miles on them.

Asking $600 on CL
$450 on 355Nation, firm
Will take trade or partial trade for V8 Aftermarket Air Intake, Programmer, or other V8 engine upgrades. Or, If you "Feel Lucky Punk" I will trade or partial trade for "Things That Go BOOM". Also, John Boats, trailers, kayaks, deer stands/feeders, tools, ect.

PM me


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Damn I would love to own these wheels !!! All I have is a nice 30-30 rifle and you are a long way off... Really sweet wheels !!! I would give my left ... No... Guess I would not go that far.... LMFAO Good luck moving them !!! If you want to vibe them to charity...Send them to me and I will donate to whomever you choose !!! LOL
It's hard to find nice factory 355 rims local. I looked everyday for a month, for a set of the Chrome 17"s that come on the newer 4x4's. There wasn't a set for sale anywhere in or around Houston. All I found was a set on ebay for $210 per rim w/o tires! Ended up getting TKO's at Discount Tire for $109 each. The TKOs new are cheaper than a used set of the rims I already had (ebay @$139 each w/o tires). The tires are $140-$160 new on TireRack, TreadDepot, Discount. It's a pretty good deal, think it over.
Awesome deal ... No doubt !!! Just can't afford them... They will sell quick !!!
Dang, I sold my 17" Z71's on CL to a guy from Texas that was up here in Ohio working for $450 with tires, not mounted and no TPMs for $450. GLWS!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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