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Silverado SS rims

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I have someone who wants my zq8's and 200 for a set of silverado ss rims with tires that are going to need to be replaced sooner than later. I just put new rubber on my zq8's(700 bucks) last year. What do a good set of OEM 20in SS rims go for?

I also have an option to trade him a set of steelies(100 bucks) and 500 on top for the SS rims, I feel like that would be a better trade just more out of pocket initially.

Any ideas/comments?
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I don't know what a good cost would be. I think you paying $500 for wheels when you have $700 in tires going his way is unfair to you.
If I understand, you are giving him:
wheels and $700 worth of tires
steel wheels
$500 cash

You should take into consideration the costs you will incur to purchase good wheel spacers or the labor to have the wheels bored.

Just something to think about.
Well I can go two routes, I give him my zq8's and $200 or I buy a set of steelies for 100 and give him the steelies and $500 and keep my zq8's

Edit: wheels are coming off a colorado and are already bored.
Either way it sounds like ur out some money
Yeah just didn't know if 600 was a reasonable price for the SS wheels
I think that is too much money, especially when considering you have to purchase tires.
Yeah, he said two are good but the rear two are drag radials and will need to be changed soon...Soo rather than having two sets of different tires I would want to switch all 4 at once.
Here you go, a new set of tires for your ZQ8 wheels for under $500 w/free shipping

4 New 235 50 17 Cooper Zeon RS3 A 50R R17 Tires | eBay
Thanks man but my zq8 tires are new I would need tires for the SS rims! I'll have to look and see if they make those tires in 20's
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