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Skyjacker Shock ?

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I'm researching replacement shocks for my 06 Z71 4x4 with "0" lift and no immediate plans to install kit. Wanted to know if anyone's installed Skyjacker Hydro or Nitro shocks on your stock suspension? I like their pricing, but all sites only have selection for "3in-5in lift" so guessing these won't work w/o lift kit, or will they compress to fit stock?

I plan to call Skyjacker, but wanted some forum input as well...thks!
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I doubt they are variable or progressively valved, but if they are you won't be getting the benefit of the shock if you run extended length on a stock configuration. If they are variable/progressive, most of the soft end dampening will be used up as it will never see the beginning stages of the compression stroke (compressed past the softer valving).

I'm not sure if our trucks push the weight limit of the hydraulic probably want a gas charged (they work better for higher weights).

I think your money will be better spent on an appropriate length shock instead of paying less for something that isn't going to function properly.
Thanks 08 Canyon...your post makes perfect sense and, as we know, sometimes "cheaper" isn't the best path to pursue. I'm pricing Bilstein's for my 06 Colorado as well and might go this route over the Rancho 5000's. They seems to have better function and design for my stock frame.
Do you need a performance shock? I don't know....just asking. Like wondering why you can't get a good OEM replacement instead of 'going big'?
Rancho RS9000 adjustable shocks. Guy at work has them on his stock 2012 and loves them. Part #s RS999300 front and RS999301 rear for your '06
¢2 i have the skyjacker shocks your talking about, i think better than factory doesent give as much hop as factory, but pro comp makes the same shocks but for factory height, ill try to find it
I have bilsteins front and back and love them, and they were only like 70$ each
Appreciate all the feedback and recommendations. 08Canyon; For my application, I don't really need to pursue performance shocks and was looking @ KYB's, but don't mind spending a little more, if the ride quality's drastically improved. These stock GM shocks ride like a brick. Forgot Pro Comp was a subsidiary of SkyJacker...I'll have to look at their offerings...thks!
I wouldn't go with the skyjacker shocks if you thought stock was stiff. Skyjacker's shocks are a lot stiffer than factory.
ive heard procomp shocks are softer than skyjacker and rancho... personally, stock was too soft for me, the truck felt floaty and all over the place at high speeds. i find the rancho RS5000 to be a good cheap all around upgrade.

that being said, bilsteins will ride the best out of the bunch.
I swapped my shocks at 75k miles. I have a 2wd z85 with 2.5" lift. The stock shocks had no rebound, when you would compress them, they would not come back out. I could also compress them by hand very easily. THe bilstiens have a lot of compression and are pretty firm. Made the truck fell a lot better and more stable with out really affecting the ride. Its a reg cab, so the back end is stiff with no cargo, but that's pretty normal
I've got a pretty big/heavy tire and the KYB option seems to work well for me. It keeps the tire stuck to the ground as it should. It's not harsh, and is a bit more responsive than the stockers were.

It's not a night and day difference, but for a daily it works fine. My body roll is reduced by the tire too though.....prior to my tires I had horrible body roll. The LT tires are better suited for me than the P-series tires are. As for the shocks though, they dampen well enough with the heavier tire asking for more of a demand.
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