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Painted Interior / Smoked Tails / LEDS

Finally got out and took some pics. Here's basically cosmetic mods to date. Let me know what ya think! Or any ideas for whatelse I should do!

Added some Royal Blue inside. The color is alot darker than these pics.

New pedals and more painted pieces

Passenger side view

Here's the console painted. Still haven't decided what to do with the top piece.

But I did know what to do with this peice! (notice the latch is blue)

Painted calipers and bowtie. Added a AEM sticker!

Tail lights & 3rd smoked with Model Masters transparent black

Added some wedge LED's.

Some brighter lights and painted mirrors.

Close up of super white.

Another view of the mirrors....vent-shades, XM Antenna, Removed stock antenna and debadged.

And Finally a shot in the sun.

Future mod list:
Painted door handles and tailgate
Roll pan
Billet grill
Seat covers
2/3 drop


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dam........that looks hot.
what paint did you use?
Duplicolor from Pep Boys! The yellow matched perfectly and the blue was just dark enough for me. I sanded, primer'd and used a couple light coats of clear. Oh, and roughly 18 beers :econo:
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