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squeek from engine, not sure if it's belt

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Hi All,

2005 z71, 3.5L, 165k miles (almost all worry free :))

Anyway, it was either last fall or the fall before I had a noisy belt tensioner pulley. I replaced it with the dayco HD one and a new belt. I have now noticed that I have an intermitten squeak, but haven't had a chance to diagnose. I also have a 2005 Taurus (gasp!) that has a failing cam synchronizer (same mechanical idea as a distributor, runs off cam and turns oil pump) that squeeks like a belt. Does the I5 have a similar part or is my problem most likely in the belt train?
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Try removing the belt when it is cold. Then start it to see if there is still a squeak. If so, not the belt or related pulleys it runs along. Watch temps because water will not be circulating and battery will not be charging.
When the belt is off try spilling the pullies by hand (engine off). Sometimes you can find a noisey pulley this way.
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