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Anytime you think if a new one, add it here. Enjoy.

that would be a damn interesting TV show.

that would be a stacked cast.

we need a:
bossman -jim
cool guy -Joe
rollerberby -john
moonshiner -jim2
E-thug -paul
mexican -ed
gigantor -darek
albino -jefe
hillbilly -mark
ninja -boyd
funny dancing large man -cory
baker -brad

i know im missing alot of people but that would be the best show ever!
I think Brad Pitt should play my part in it, since well, obviously we look very much so alike and have the same abs.
Everybody loves the movie Training Day, so this means that Noel Gugliemi Moreno gets to play Pauly Walnuts.
Carlos from Desperate Housewives, meet Joe Valley.
Colin Farrell is bad ass, and so is Radio Jim. Boom.
We all already know Jim 2 The Bullet is the Pepsi Max guy.
And if Brad Pitt is tied up with other projects, we can always ask Adam Sandler to stand in for me.

or Kyle Busch

Well I have no official name.........but this guy can play me......Vin to the D!!!!!!

Short, stocky and bald too.

Neal McDonough is the only albino actor that came up on Google, so he's gonna have to play Geoff.
Jeremy, I can see Matt Damon doing you.
Obviously Matthew McConaughey and Boyd have the same voice, so that's a no brainer.
I hate to do this to you Mark, but Justin Timberlake has just been casted to play your part.

Allison is getting a trip out of this........................she said Donnie Wahlberg is a better fit for'll see it.

Darek, didn't you have this same hair cut at John Travolta for a little bit?
Duh, Cesear Millan can play Mark, you silver fox you.
Allison came up with a perfect one for Forrest.............Kevin James

Ed's got a little Danny Devito going on.
I always though Forrest looked like Guy Fieri a little but with different hair of course

Remember the movie Old School, when the guy in the office that Mitch works with keeps asking Mitch to let him join the frat? Well his name is Matt Walsh and he has accepted the role as Billy Theihert.
Nice I really couldn't find one for me.

Closest I could come was peter sarsgaard (but I am not a pretty and heavier for sure)

Hahahahaha, Chris is going to kill me. Harry of Harry and the Hendersons?
Brett Wagner for Chris :shrug:

I'm at a loss for Nate. I was thinking Rivers Cuomo of Weezer, but it's a stretch.

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im fine with justin timberlake playing my role. he's funning and gets alot of boobies!

everyone seems to be spot on so far and its awesome!

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WTF did I miss? :lmaop:

Lord Bearded One
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ALOT. I just read through it all too.

Oh and I've heard that I look like that Carlos guy before. MANY times before. :gd:

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Read the very first post up top. Billy and Paul were talking about what if there was a TV show to be made out of the SRC random chat. I was bored and drunk so I decided to find all of our celebrity look-a-likes, haha. Totally random but occupied about 2 hours of my evening.
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