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SSBC big brakes forsale

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I have Ssbc brakes forsale they are red calipers and are the complete front and rear kits for the colorado had them on the truck 10000-15000 miles still plenty of life left in the pads and rotors.
Selling them because the truck will posted on here soon to. This was a very easy install and the performance is off the chart as a couple of the other members have them and were probably pleased just like I was. I would like to sell them as one whole lot and not separate. Price is $1300 plus shipping I am located in Orlando,Florida. All transaction will be done through PayPal. I will post pics once I figure it out. Or you can call or text 321-749-9326 no late phone calls I get up early for work.. Thanks and hope you are the new owner of some very nice brakes.
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I know you said you did not want to separate......but.

I'm interested in the rear kit...........the front kit should be an easy sell
Well what is your offer all I can say is no?
Off topic but did you ever get the e-brake set right? I have them on my truck, and they squeak like hell so I disconnected them
never had any noise out of mine. Followed the install instructions and they worked great.
I wish I had the extra cash for this, I would pick it up from you lol
in your case I might be willing to deliver these but I understand all the stuff you got going on.
me either.
you havent had any issues either Rich? I think i just got fucked on mine, besides the better braking, i pretty much hate everything about these brakes. 3500 for chinese "american" brakes.
I think Fit wants these lol

If you're still holding onto these after a bit, gimme a holler and I'll make you an offer.
I'll lock it up then
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