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Stabili trac light?

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Hey I'm new to the forum.. I just bought a 2012 Colorado single cab, 4x4 work truck package. The truck only has 44,000 miles. I noticed that when you start the truck the stabili trac light is on, then after you drive just a min it goes off, but comes on every time you start the truck.. Is this a common problem with theses trucks? I've read some that people say the steering postion sensor can cause this? I have dealer warranty on the truck, but wanted to ask first if it was a simple fix..

Also will it hurt the truck with what it is doing?

Thanks .
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If you have a warranty. Take it in. Don't put it off.
Yes I have warranty. Just wondering if it would hurt to drive it till I can get it to the dealer ship, it doesn't stay on all the time. Just when you first take off driving.
No it won't hurt anything to drive it.
I'd test it to see if it works while it's on haha.
Okay thanks guys just wondering cause I've never had a vehicle that had reaction control. Lol thanks a lot.
Yeah I'm going to , it's gonna need a oil change before to long, just going to have them check it out then. Another question, has anyone changed there shifter knob? From my understand there not a screw on and off type like most trucks or cars.. Is this correct?
thanks rich. and right now all ssk stuff is on sale. woop woop
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