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Stalling issue

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I currently own a Colorado and while browsing Facebook marketplace I found an 05 Canyon pretty cheap. The lady said it would have to be towed as it doesn’t want to accelerate. I took a big change and purchased it. The truck cranks up but has a bad misfire , hardly any power when pushing the gas and also very jumpy. I towed it home and my first guess was the coil packs so I took everything apart this morning and am waiting on Amazon to deliver the new plugs and coil packs. Looking at the spark plugs I think this may be the issue. I see they have oil on them also so probably need to change the valve cover gasket. Any suggestions on what the problem might be?
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Welcome to the Nation.

Suggestion: push the parts cannon back in the shed. Find a scan tool and see what codes are stored in the Modules. You will, at least, have some idea of what direction to go. Every Diyer should have a scan tool, Even the cheap ones now will pull ABS and Airbag codes.

If you are still going to fire the parts cannon, at least use quality parts, preferably ACDelco. Cheap parts are likely to send you down some rabbit holes and you won't know why.
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