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Steering dead zone after MMW kit and h3 swap

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Hi everyone,

I recently did the front h3 swap and while I was at it I did the Mayhem Metal Works steering rack bushings and clamp kit.
Before I started this project, I had no slip in the steering at all. It felt great. But now, there’s a little dead zone in the middle of the steering that is super annoying. On the highway the pickup will walk around a little bit within that zone and it makes driving straight difficult. I topped off the fluid after doing the MMW kit. Made sure to have the cap off and turn it lock to lock a few times before closing it up. I did not swap the steering rack, and I did not touch the inner tie rods either. Outer tie rods are brand new. It’s been aligned as well. Also, I can move the intermediate shaft with my hand. Any ideas???
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If the clamp is too tight, it ever so slightly distorts the the rack which affects the internal workings. If you've ever had one apart you'd see the very close tolerances inside. Shimming the clamp reduces the pressure on the rack and lets it relax back into it's allowable internal tolerances. The need for shimming is intentional due to possible differences in those tolerances. The shims should be included in this kit, look like large washers cut in half. Some trucks need none, some need on top or bottom, some need one top and bottom, then there are trucks like mine that needed both shims top and bottom.
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