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Steering dead zone after MMW kit and h3 swap

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Hi everyone,

I recently did the front h3 swap and while I was at it I did the Mayhem Metal Works steering rack bushings and clamp kit.
Before I started this project, I had no slip in the steering at all. It felt great. But now, there’s a little dead zone in the middle of the steering that is super annoying. On the highway the pickup will walk around a little bit within that zone and it makes driving straight difficult. I topped off the fluid after doing the MMW kit. Made sure to have the cap off and turn it lock to lock a few times before closing it up. I did not swap the steering rack, and I did not touch the inner tie rods either. Outer tie rods are brand new. It’s been aligned as well. Also, I can move the intermediate shaft with my hand. Any ideas???
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What this guy said ^^^^
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