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I am looking for a stock set of Wheels and Tires for my GMC Canyon. Right now it has a 4ish inch lift and I bought it that way, but I want to bring it back down because the fronts is just TB cranked with aftermarket keys. However I cannot lower it back down because the wheels that were put on it are too big. I have 275/65/18 with a weird offset. They are American Outlaw Armor's. So I am looking for the stock wheels so I can bring the truck back down to about a 2 inch lift.

Let me know what you have, where they are, picture and price.

Wheels/Tires, must be 16" at least because I have a 2009

I may be interested in a trade for wheels/tires as well if someone has a lift of 4+ inches and wants what I have.

I am located in Marion, IA. I would be willing to travel some to make a deal or to pick up wheels/tires.


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