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stock spindle

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I need a stock driver side spindle for 04 gmc canyon z71 2wd. Will buy both if I must just can't find any anywhere. Please help!!!
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i have my stock 06 z71 spindles but i think shipping would probably kill you...
What part of Cali you in?


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Next question, torsion bar or coil over suspension?
Top 2 should work for you then I believe. How's $40 shipped sound?
sounds great as long as theyre the right ones pm me please
Can anyone confirm that those are the right ones?

I know the bottom set are Z85 just not sure which version of Z71 the tops one are.
Ask and ye shall receive.

cst in the middle; z85 on the left and z71 on the right

close up of z71 and CST

close up of z85 and CST
Will it fit an 04 is the big question. I just want to get my truck going as soon as I can and I figure this is my best option without paying out the wazoo for a dealer part.
I heard 09 is different. Is that misinformation?
Alright thank you very much for the info.
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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