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Street Scene Rollpan Question

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So I know the SS hidden hitch is made to go with the SS Rollpan. I got some knockoff steel pan for 10 bucks off eBay which fits the truck perfect fine but after putting the hitch on and then attempting to reinstall the pan the hitch is so much higher than than the already cut out square that's meant for a hitch, that if I cut it so the hitch is fully accessible it would show even with the license plate on. I hope I'm making sense, basically if someone that has a Street Scene Rollpan could measure from the bottom of the tailgate to the top of the square cut out and let me know that measurement I would greatly appreciate it. I'm trying to make sure the SS rollpan will be spot on before I start looking for one.

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I know that guys have had issues with the fitment of the SS hitch and rollpan. Be prepared to bust out the welder and grinder.
Oh man I hope not!! To add to my description. The reason I'm asking for the measurement from the bottom of the tailgate to the top of the square cut out is because to me the receiver seems like it's too high to hit right even on a SS rollpan but obviously that's why I am asking for a measurement Bc maybe the SS pan license plate box sits higher than mine.

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If memory serves me right, the SS pan box is actually lower, bc it had that contour line to match the tailgate
yeah I had the same problem w / stylin trucks when I ordered my hitch and pan.
I ended up using the plastic roll pan and that lined up perfectly with the hitch, the steel roll pan that I ordered and wanted to use was way to far off. I could have made it work but would have had to remount the hitch to do so.
So the urethane Street Scene pan hit dead on?

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Yes , I think it is a ss roll pan I got it at stylin trucks. It is the on that has the same detail that is low on the tail gate. There is a pic on my profile page. The main reason I did not remount the hitch to match the steel pan is you have to go lower with the hitch I did not want to do that. Also you cannot use the spare tire mount with this set up fyi .
Yeah not worried about the spare tire but agree I do not want to modify the hitch so urethane roll pan it is. Thanks for the info man

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