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Sudol94 3.7L Cam Build

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A while back my white turbo truck got rear ended (totaled the truck) and I needed a new bed. When searching through craigslist I found an part out truck that had the bed with few dents. When I messaged the guy and he wanted out of the truck completely. So he offered the whole truck to me for less than a grand. The interior was already striped by me about a year and an half earlier (different owner back then lol), the engine components were all there and it had a clean title. I ended up finding a white bed for dirt cheap and kept the 3.7 together.

I kicked around the idea of building it to flip, selling it for parts, or building it for personal. After about a year I finally made the decision to build it for myself!

Now that the decision is made I thought I'd bring you guys along for the ride with me. The truck is an auto 3.7L 2wd Z71. The paint that tan color and body is kind of rough. The plan is to build it for daily use as well as use it for towing and taking my dirt bike to the track. The goal is ~300hp at the wheels and torque for days. Maybe someday lift it and make something cool out of it, but that's not for a while.

So far I have the interior back in the truck. Its the black 60-40 seats with the chrome sill plates.

The engine was sitting out in the weather for a while so the cams and internals of the engine have rust on them now. I was lucky enough to get a set blank cams from Jeremy from Lime Swap. I'm planning on sending them to Bullet here shortly. On top of the cams, I'm also spending some time in the ports. I'm currently blending the bowls, knife edge the bridges and I'm gasket matching the exhaust side. I've already done this on my 2.9L turbo build so I getting better at it. Once I have the cams and the head done I'm sending to a local machine shop here in northern VA to have a muti-angle valve job and deck the head.

Once the head is done I'll get the block which is in SC and have the machine shop deck the head and go through the bottom end to make sure everything is in working order. Then new injectors and a tune and we'll see where she lands.



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Sounds like a great buils
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