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SuperMod's Build Thread Version 3.55

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Welcome to SuperMod's Build Thread Version 3.55 (My 3rd GMT-355)

Project: BRUISER "Tough little Bastard"

Year: 2007
Make: Chevy
Model: Colorado
Chassis: Reg. Cab Z71 4X4
Color: Stealth Gray Metalic
Motor: 3.7L I5
Axles: 3.73
Odometer: 24,358 miles
Condition: Excellent
Purchased: August 10, 2012

Project theme: Lowered 4X4 conversion

The Beginning!

My first mod tonight was my 2004 auto dimming map compass rear view mirror.

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Ya it was Jimbo 2004crewcab truck.

I looked around and had 3 trucks in my scope but not only did this have low mileage and extremely taken care of but for the price I couldn't refuse. Everything I need, towning for the SkunkWerks mod trailer but I also help do all the mods like it was my own truck and now it is. Jimbo really came through for me, Thanks Buddy!
I love the color and my Cervinis hood is going to look bad ass on it.

Now to start looking for an extreme grille :D
I still have to go to DMV in the morning but when I get back DE-BADGING is a must!
Thanks guys!

To do list:
If I'm going to drop this boich I need to raise the front diff at least 1/2" which will gain me about 1" front drop with out toasting the CV shafts.

I need stock shackles if anyone has a set pm me.

Also I have a full set of SuperSkidz that came with the truck.
I like to sell them and put the funds to a new set of rubber.

Anyone have ideas for a sub because I need some thump in the rump?
I have a set James. sending PM.

Thanks Dave your the MAN!

Also need 2" rear lowering blocks and U bolts. Prefer steel if I can get it.
So the deal did become official.

I had a heads up about this deal. Jimbo even spoke to me about possible choices for his cash in.

So you knew what I knew that we both knew but didn't know that we knew NEW.
The lime green always knew what you knew about new

Very True! :D
I knew I recognized that truck. Good to see it getting some new life to it.

Will be interesting to see how you pull off raising the differential.

Also, get you some color match going... hood, handles, flares, bumpers, grilles... :lol:

Also, you gave him quite the deal Jim, stellar person right there!
My first thoughts to is to color match it including the side mirrors.

Nice James, and a high five to Jimbo for cutting you the deal. By the way, there's a little Canadian in the truck, cause those are my old rims and tires. You're international now as well. :355group:
Well the jig is up the news is out. James got my last 355. I'm very glad I was able to help out some one who has helped so many members of this 355 nation.

All I can say is - Enjoy the truck my good friend!:th_woot:
Thank You PAL for all that you have done to not just for me but for the community:th_woot:

Sweet deal! Congrats to you both.

James, any bits and pieces of the Tank that will not be needed on a lowered 4x4?
This truck already has a bad ass stereo just needs a sub.
I don't need the old stereo system so ya that's gonna be sold off as either parts or help someone install it. Is there something of interest that you want?

Just got back from DMV and it was awesome. When we got there the line was already outside the building and growing. Out of nowhere some dude (must of been a drill Sargent) stood up and started to organize everyone in different lines to their specific needs, registration and renewals and in the other line was titles. Even the renta cops stood aside and didn't even fuck with him. It was epic I was out in 35 minutes.
I spoke to the clerk at the front desk and said they should hire this guy.

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Hot weather + WD-40 = Good day to debadge

Side molding GONE!

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So your lowering it?

Congrats on the new truck btw....

And find a good painter. That color is a complete BITCH to match 100%.
Thanks Brudda, Yup going lower and color match.

So is it safe to assume you'll color match the flares too?
Planning on it. Looks like a lot of sanding to smooth the fender flares or maybe cheaper to buy them smooth and prepped for painting.

Yes it's true I'm without a 355 , but I'm still going to be a part of this nation and contribute like always. Oh and guys I bet you to it. I still have the o.e.m shackles and will be bringing them to James.

And to James - Thank You for the kind words.

Thanks once again Jimbo means a lot to me.

Tomorrow more mods :th_woot:
What wheel and tire size are you looking at?

Wheel ideas/style?

What bed cover is that?

Z71 flares need the correct offset wheels to look right and very few pull it off.

You might want to look into making a makeshift wheel measurer thingie that will bolt to the hub....that or find a body shop...

Stealth canyon has alot of threads with pics of what alot of parts look like in that color. He was too low tho.

None of his pannels matched very well either sadly.

I'm looking at a 255/65R17 tire, about 29" OD which is about the oem Z71 wheel size.
This isn't gonna be like a 2wd drive scraping frame however it will be a lowered Z71 4x4.
I plan to add a 2" rear blocks which will pretty much equal a stock Z85 and lower the front TB about 1" up front. I will tweak here and there once I get it together.
I went and visited my buddies at the dealer today and have a plan to modify the front diff floating mounts. We thing we can squeeze about a 1/2" higher up in to the frame which in turn give us about an 1" higher angle on the cv shafts.

Glad you stepped up to the plate to help me out. I need all the help I can plus I don't want to piss away a lot of money on mistakes.

Thanks for the info on the color. My plans were to have the body shop match up and do the Cervinis hood, Fender Flares and Fender facia's. Also I plan on using your old mirrors and color keying them to.
Im having trouble picturing what your saying in my head.

If that was my truck, id do a 2in tortion crank and a weak aal, one of those smaxx little body lifts and some 33x12.5 on 18x10 0 offset wheels.

Those reg cabs look great lifted or real low, but imo, not so great most anywhere inbetween.

Id love to see ya google image various combos of the specs youre talking. Maybe even google "lowered z71 colorado/canyon" or "z85 with z71 flares" and pm me some that look the stance youre trying to pull off...
Yup I plan on using the SuspensionMaxx JR keys. Also remember I have the rear airlift bags which will bring the rear up some.
From reading some of the threads on the nation, the key is the tire size.
I can picture this in my head and it appears to be a very clean and unique look.IF the body shop gets the color right on the new parts.:th_woot:
I hope so, I really like this color.

I'm liking the advice i'm getting and hope others that have done this will chime in.
Boyd - I'm planning on getting a set of Michelin LTX M/S2 | Michelin Tires
The 6.5" side wall is really about 5.5" since the side wall bows outward and part of that is actually the beed. The P255/65R17 states 30" but I'm figuring a 29" OD.
To confirm the size I have an appointment with a local tire shop that will allow me to test fit the tire since Michelin is offering a 30 test trial. I just have to pay for mounting one tire but still cheaper than buying all 4 tires that don't fit.

Love the pics you posted! Very Sexy :D

I had a long conversation With Larry from Suspension MAXX today.
He's on board with making a lowered 4x4 kit including the rear steel blocks and over sized U bolts for us guys who still want to tow and haul stuff.

So far this is what my suspension maybe but could change.
Keys - MAXX Jr.
Blocks - 2" Steel
Shocks - KYB light duty gas
Tires - Michelin LTX-M/S2 P255/65R17 30" OD, really 29" with static load.
Rims - 17 Z71 OEM
Rotors - Centrics, Low budget upgrade.
Pads - Monroe Ceramics, have a new set instock
Break lines - Braided Stainless Steel

I got a little more done to make it my own, SSK Farva-Skullfucker shifter, Steering wheel cover and AMI Locking Gas Door.

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nice. got more details on that gas door?
They come in many configurations. The one I have is model number 6096KL

Fuel Doors for Cars and Trucks : All Sales Mfg : AMI
thanx dude! that really looks good on there. was it hard to put on?
Not to bad just take your time, Here's a copy of the installation instructions.

PART #6091/6093/6096 REPLACEMENT

1. With the door open remove rubber doorstops on the right.
2. Remove the 3 bolts that hold the plastic shield to the body and the plastic rivet at the bottom of the shroud.

3. Remove the 2 bolts holding the OEM door on.
4. Move the plastic shield out of the way and remove OEM door.
5. Fasten aluminum bracket provided using 10-24 bolts and jam nuts in the place where the rubber door stops were.
6. Reinstall the 3 bolts in plastic shield you removed in step 2.
7. Slip the clip nuts provided on to the body where the original door bolted.

8. If you purchased a non locking door attach the magnetic latch assembly onto the ring with the screws provided Do not attach the bracket in the cutout area at the 3:00 position. If you attach it in the cutout you will not be able to remove your gas cap. It goes where the small screws are at approx. the 1:00 position and it lines up with the washer on the door.

9. Install the new door assembly to the truck by placing the plastic spacers between the new door and the clip nuts and attach with the ¼-20 x ¾ bolts, then attach the right side with the ¼-20 x ½ bolts into the bracket you installed in step 5.

Need help? 916-933-0236 AMI 5121 Hillsdale Circle; El Dorado Hills, Ca 95762.
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What about some 265/55/17s?
Possible but the Michelin tires doesn't come in that size.
Do you have a tire in mind and what is the OD?

You mentioned that you were planning on having Larry make a set of blocks, you still needing the ones that are in my garage?
Hold off and let's see what Larry comes up with. Thanks:D
Now, back to the Z71 we have to lower. :lol:

James, ever think about looking into a smaller front differential that might bolt up? Smaller meaning shorter?

Didn't realize their was? I stopped by the dealer and my friend is the head mechanic there. He will be doing the final chassis and wheel alignment for me. We were discussing if we could raise the diff closer to the frame. AS the way it's mounted now. our front diff's are floating in 4 bushings. If i were to cut the top of the busing off then that would gain me about an 1/2".

Larry concern was about the 4X4 double front bump stops. There's the typical vertical bump stop that limited the lower control but there's another one that limited the upper control arm.

Pics from the Canyon the upper bump stop was removed
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Well, when you lower it, the bump stop for the upper control arm won't be a factor.

however, that lower block that is on the lower control arm should be able to be removed, then the bumpstop rubber be trimmed a bit if clearance is needed. Hell, cut the whole bracket off and weld up a plate or something and mount a bumpstop to it with a bolt.

And I wasn't sure if there was a front dif that was shorter or not.

I know there are a lot of low AWD cars and whatnot, might be apples and oranges, but just thinking outside the box a bit. Doubt any would bolt right up to the shafts, let alone under the truck. :shrug:

The lower block is from the Skyjacker lift kit other wise the top bump stop is touching the lower control arm. I'm thinking I should sawzall the lower bump stop mount completely off the frame. Larry has another idea just waiting for him to lay it out.

This was my friend Wayne's truck. It's a 4X4 Z85 with 255/70R15 wheels which is about 28" OD. Nothing done to the suspension all stock just helper bags in the rear.

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