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SuperMod's Build Thread Version 3.55

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Welcome to SuperMod's Build Thread Version 3.55 (My 3rd GMT-355)

Project: BRUISER "Tough little Bastard"

Year: 2007
Make: Chevy
Model: Colorado
Chassis: Reg. Cab Z71 4X4
Color: Stealth Gray Metalic
Motor: 3.7L I5
Axles: 3.73
Odometer: 24,358 miles
Condition: Excellent
Purchased: August 10, 2012

Project theme: Lowered 4X4 conversion

The Beginning!

My first mod tonight was my 2004 auto dimming map compass rear view mirror.

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I knew I recognized that truck. Good to see it getting some new life to it.

Will be interesting to see how you pull off raising the differential.

Also, get you some color match going... hood, handles, flares, bumpers, grilles... :lol:

Also, you gave him quite the deal Jim, stellar person right there!
So a 6.5" sidewall height...

Not low-profile but not really offroad. What type of tires are you looking at? Street or more of an offroad style?

The rims will look good and sit nicely on there, though you might need some small spacers to push them out flush with the fenders... then again, the tires might have a bit of bulge to them since I can't recall what the width is of the stock wheels.

with what you are describing, it makes me think of lkout's old truck...

Though, imagine an inch or so higher with, I assume to be similarly sized wheels, though not sure since I cannot find the exact size of them in the above picture anywhere else.

Personally, I would possibly go with a smaller(read that shorter) tire just to give it more of a road type of stance rather than kinda in-between. However, with the setup that I am seeing in my head, please leave a 1" rake. :lol: I personally think it would look right at home on the above mentioned suspension setup.

The paint work, color-matching all the plastics, will look great! The chrome bumpers, wheels and possibly a grille insert will tie all of it together.

hell, this one had a great stance. Granted, it's not a 4x4.. but I am thinking something similar is possible to be achieved.

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You mentioned that you were planning on having Larry make a set of blocks, you still needing the ones that are in my garage?
anyone have any specs on the black one, tire size, 2wd z71?
Truck: 2006 Colorado Z85

Factory/dealer equipment:
2.8L L4
3.42 rear axle
manual everything

Exterior mods:
Helo 835 18" rims
235/55/18 Falken tires
Z71 Large Fender Flares
Sir Michaels Roll Pan
Flat Black "Chevrolet" vinyl across tailgate(not in pics)
Flat Black Bowtie
Tail Light covers
Blue Marker/Driving Lights
HID system from an Infiniti G35
Line Of Fire LED Strip
Blacked Out Third Brake Light
5% Tint
DJM 3/3 drop
Helper Springs
Beltech Anti-Sway Bar

Interior mods:
DLS 6 1/2" door speakers
DLS 6x9's
JL 12" Sub
Scosche 550 amp
Custom power window setup with switches in the head liner
JVC head unit
Center Seat Delete

PCM4less premium tune
Gutted primary cat
Flowmaster muffler dumped after secondary cat


Now, back to the Z71 we have to lower. :lol:

James, ever think about looking into a smaller front differential that might bolt up? Smaller meaning shorter?
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Well, when you lower it, the bump stop for the upper control arm won't be a factor.

however, that lower block that is on the lower control arm should be able to be removed, then the bumpstop rubber be trimmed a bit if clearance is needed. Hell, cut the whole bracket off and weld up a plate or something and mount a bumpstop to it with a bolt.

And I wasn't sure if there was a front dif that was shorter or not.

I know there are a lot of low AWD cars and whatnot, might be apples and oranges, but just thinking outside the box a bit. Doubt any would bolt right up to the shafts, let alone under the truck. :shrug:
floss. :lmao:
Me personally, find something that is different. :shrug:

Amazingly, it's kinda tough to do.

I have yet to see those 17s on a lowered truck.

Personally, I wouldn't want to be somewhere in the middle, something that doesn't look like you altered the suspension, something you could pick up off the dealer.

I would go with a lower series tire on the 17s, possibly give it a 2-3 to a 3-4 drop if able. Then again, I have always wanted a set of 20s because I love how they look, ESPECIALLY on a regular cab.

I would run a set of smooth/painted flairs, drop it with a rake still with some meaty (not low-profile but not something you see on every-day cars) and then flush up the wheels to the flares. Similar to the black one I posted earlier.


So you are going to smooth flares, are they the Z71 or the ZQ8 ones?
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just let me know.
:lol: Was watching the forum and hadn't checked in here. Saw Dan's thread and was slightly thrown off with the mystery man in the pictures. :lmao:

Thought to myself, HEY! That guy looks just like Jam.... Oh wait. :lmao:

Intake tube looks great. Glad to hear you made it out and back safely. I am sure it was fun!

Can't wait to see what you got going on in the next couple weeks.
Alright, measured mine.

For the front hangar, it is from where I have it marked in the picture.

From the top to the center of the bolt, 1.5"

From the top to the bottom of the hangar, straight through the bolt, about 2.75"

For the shackles, center of the top bolt to center of the bottom bolt, about 3.5"

Someone might want to verify these measurements.


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If you basically lift the front hangar position and use a shorter shackle (not sure if all of them are the same from Z71 to ZQ8) then I don't see an issue the rear axle angle.
Are those the new tires that you picked up? I forget...

If not, you still planning on picking up a different set of rims/tires for the truck?
Out of curiosity, how do you like going from an ext cab to a reg cab setup?

I remember thinking there was a ton of room when I drove Darek's truck a couple times, but obviously not as much as an ext cab.
Noice! Love the interior color. I need to figure out what I actually want to do with my interior pieces :lol:

Got your message to. Been watching my son all day while Elena plays at a baby shower. :lol: I'll give you a call soon. :thumbup:
Nice! Gives me ideas for the future.
Really liking the truck without the steps!
I'm lovin it.
looks great James.

If you hold off for a week or two, you can wet sand that grille with a high grit paper pretty easily to get a nice reflection out of it.

And the rest of the chrome matched will look great!

Glad you went with green. It's Supermods color, :lol:
One of my favorite mods to the truck to date. Open the hood, push it up a bit and the lifts do the rest.:lol:
Nice work James.
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