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SuperMod's Build Thread Version 3.55

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Welcome to SuperMod's Build Thread Version 3.55 (My 3rd GMT-355)

Project: BRUISER "Tough little Bastard"

Year: 2007
Make: Chevy
Model: Colorado
Chassis: Reg. Cab Z71 4X4
Color: Stealth Gray Metalic
Motor: 3.7L I5
Axles: 3.73
Odometer: 24,358 miles
Condition: Excellent
Purchased: August 10, 2012

Project theme: Lowered 4X4 conversion

The Beginning!

My first mod tonight was my 2004 auto dimming map compass rear view mirror.

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Get some ssk shit on it ASAP. Good job buddy.
And told you guys about the new thread. Lol
damn, coming along very well brother.... love the shifter. woop woop
nice, when you gonna put the other handels on? how was the fit?
damn son putting in work. truck is really coming togeather fast.... be safe onyour journey. hehehehehehehehehe
Looking good brother. Glad to see your putting in work. And the switchbacks are the shit...... Love mine, worth every penny.....
so much for the steel blocks ol-man, lol

solid billet alum, for the win..
damn son, wished i would of known you were lubing shafts a couple weeks ago, lmfao

weres the fucking stance pics, quit being a tease james, lubing shafts, and no stance pics.

sucks on the stones brother......
Before work pics:th_woot:

fml, how did i miss this pic???????????????

anyway James, truck is fucking coming along fantastic

the above shot of your truck is what im going to imulate in my own style with mine, not a copy, but similiar. thanks brother, for being inspiring as well as putting in work.....

what size tire again????

and from stock z85 height in front would you say you ended up at????????????
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nice man. finally found a pic of mine with similar stance.... hehehehehehehehehehe

keep up the work james. also like the idea about the steps being tucked. hmmmmmmm
coming togeather hella fast... makes me want to do stuff to my truck. hhhhmmmmmmmm
looking real good brother. going to send you a package out this next week. finish up the inside of your truck.................
Your welcome brother. Damn that was fast ass shiping. Went out sat
Thanks Brudda!

I have the second horn (Low tone) that will match your (Hi tone).
Both should sound annoying:anger:
Hell yea brother. Hate wimpy horns. Woop woop
Traded with someone on here years ago?????
I threw power to it just to make sure it worked them put it. on the shelf. Lol
And yeah. Hood stirs are legit
Nice man. Can't wait to do this to mine. Like how brute they are
HA HA HA. now you have to use ramps or a jack to get under your truck. welcome to being lowered.
1 - 20 of 1589 Posts
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