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SuperMod's Build Thread Version 3.55

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Welcome to SuperMod's Build Thread Version 3.55 (My 3rd GMT-355)

Project: BRUISER "Tough little Bastard"

Year: 2007
Make: Chevy
Model: Colorado
Chassis: Reg. Cab Z71 4X4
Color: Stealth Gray Metalic
Motor: 3.7L I5
Axles: 3.73
Odometer: 24,358 miles
Condition: Excellent
Purchased: August 10, 2012

Project theme: Lowered 4X4 conversion

The Beginning!

My first mod tonight was my 2004 auto dimming map compass rear view mirror.

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Yup Jeremy, Joe and myself completely replaced the front suspension on Bruiser.

BIG thanks to both of them!

1Badi5 drove all the way from MD to help out with the Bruiser rebuild.
I can't thank him enough and I have to say for a short dude he is Super strong.
One handed he loosen the CV shaft Hub nut. Ya that's over >190 foot lbs.
I would of needed a 4 foot pry bar.
Anytime James it was a good time.......yeah I surprise people with the power I hold :run:

Re-painted my bed cover

Last year I painted my bed cover with this crap thinking it was good.
It puddled and sprayed down in blotches. NFG!!!

I ended up using this. Dries quick but takes like a week to fully cure. Otherwise looks good.

Sanded smooth with 150 grit.

Moved the truck under some shade. To hot to paint!



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(Raises hand) Where in the hell is that cardboard sign from?!
(Raises hand) Where in the hell is that cardboard sign from?!
Ha Ha ya that cardboard sign was from our NEC 2012 meet.

Finally finished de-badging Bruiser today.

I like how the Fullsize Chevy bowtie stands out now!

No more little GM badges.

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Lookin clean, james!
Lookin clean, james!
Thanks Dan!

Installed a SuperMod 162 LED 3rd brake light with a Color matched AMI Chevy Bowtie bezel.

Cargo LED's ON


VIDEO - Rapid then long duration to steady ON pulses
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Looking good James. Meant to ask you Saturday, how many coats did you put on the bed cover?
Wicked Pissah Bossman.....well done
Thanks Guys!

No modding this weekend. I put Bruiser to work.
Cabinets for my man cave garage :th_woot:

Painting them grey to match the walls in my garage
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I like that cargo light, Paint job is very decent

Project: 1" forward body drop is now finished.
The goal of this project was to close the bumper to grille gap and level the truck.

My regular cab has 6 body mounts. 2 front, 2 mid and 2 rear mounts.

I purchase two front upper and two mid upper body mounts for this project.

I removed 1" from the front upper mounts and 1/2" from the mid upper mounts, giving me a positive linear 1" forward body slope.

Let the fun begin.

Front mount, Marked with tape.

X-acto saw was perfect for this application.

Now to glue the two remaining half's with Vulcanize Cement glue.

Apply to both half's.

Align to the mold seams in the rubber casting and clamp tight.

Let the glue cure over night.

Now to modify the guide sleeves.

Mid guide sleeves. Cut 0ff 1/2" and retain the cut off end reuse for the mid body mount bolt spacer.

Front guide sleeves. Cut 0ff 1" and retain the cut off end and reuse for the front body mount bolt spacer.

Test fit front mounts. Notice the spacer at the head of the bolt.
The reason for the spacers is, the bolts are not fully threaded.

New upper mounts look good and are ready for installation.

Applied some Never Seize to upper mounts. No Squeaky!!

Test fit mid mounts.

All the body mounts are modified and ready for installation.


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dang... that's a hell of a way to remove that gap.

I like it!
Lovin it James!
Always a fix. Nice work bud. :thumbup:
Wow man.awesome job, way to think outside the box!
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