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Happy Thanksgiving Everyone, having said that,I have started to have a surge issue with my 04 Colorado 5cyl. It bucks slightly at freeway speed, but seems to be fine at idle. I just changed the plugs, but being an older guy with other problems, I don't remember if it was doing this before the change. I don't think it was, but if so, it may have been just prior to changing the plugs. Can anyone suggest a cure? Thanks in advance. JT
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What spark plugs did you get. I would reccomend cleaning the throttle body as well as the mass airflow sensor with their respective cleaners ( throttle body cleaner / maf cleaner.) These trucks like iridium spark plugs. Cleaning the tb took care of my surging issues
Can you pinpoint and describe the trucks bucking condition? Speed, rpm, what gear or gears it happens. Or if you have any cel .
This is not likely the problem that you have, but someone recently reported a similar issue. Seems that low fluid level in the transmission was causing the surging.
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