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Tail light removal

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Hi All,

I have a 2010 Canyon with the 5.3 - love the truck. I feel stupid asking this question having grown up in my dad's body shop and working on cars for the past 30 years, but . . .

How do you remove the tail lights from this pickup? I removed the two small screws on the inside of the quarter by the tailgate latches and they appear to come a little loose, but they will not pull out. I have looked at exploded diagrams and they appear to have two forward facing pegs that nest into receiving holes in the quarters. I tried both sides and they are the same . . .

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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There's just those screws holding them in place. Try some more persuasion. I usually have to give mine a bang with the side of my fist to pop them out.
yup^^ Pulling and wiggling it works too. In fact, that works in many circumstances, but also in this one too.
Ditto. I had mine apart a few days ago installing a rearview camera. It acts like it won't come out but you just have to persuade it a little harder.
Thanks guys,

That's what I thought. I even used a screwdriver wrapped in a rag to pry them out from the front - no dice. I smacked and hit them from every direction. I guess I will hit them a little harder!!

Thanks again!

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