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Looking for a tailgate for my '05 within a few hours of Portland Or.

Wife got hit by a monster truck and it seems we'll get by with just replacing the tailgate (won't know until I try to mount it). The handle was broke so I will need that. The Cables are OK, so not needed.

Preferably black..... Ideally Black from an LS

Thanks in advance.

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I wish you the best of luck finding one. I ended up having to buy one from This one fits perfect and arrived in great condition. Having it painted cost more than the tailgate. I believe they have the handle available too.

If you don't want to buy a new one, there's junk yards. I looked in all the ones near here, but there wasn't a single Colorado, or Canyon.
Thanks for the info!!!!!

Yah, I watch PNP and CL regularly for a couple different cars and have yet to see a Colorado/Canyon come in at PNP............ There are a few regional black gates but nothing dent free..... There are a few perfect gates in the region but they are white....... I'll give it a few more days.

Still driving around with a white tailgate....... LKQ has given me a couple of opportunities, but they were both out of the region. Didn't want to have them shipped in only to be dissapointed.
Well...... I purchased a white one a couple months ago, so I've got a tailgate, I'm just trying to seek out a black one at this point..... I can't seem to find a shop that will paint it for less than $300..... I figure I can find a used black one for less and if it's OEM paint that would be a bonus...... LKQ has given me a couple opportunities but they were both out of the region and I didn't want to have either of them shipped in due to some irregularities that made it hard to tell the condition in pictures.
I'm a patient man.... ;)

Thanks for the leads!
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