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Tech articles are an aspect of the site that helps everyone from new members to veteran members. The information in these articles are usually basic facts, knowledge about any automotive topic relating to our trucks or automobiles in general. Please feel free to add a Tech Article if you are wanting to share information.

If you are wanting to submit tech articles for this section please incorporate the following:

  • Content
  • Reliability
  • Fluency
  • Topic
  • Helpfulness
  • Structure


It order to have a successful and meaningful Tech Article, the content must be present. A clear understanding of what you are talking about along with descriptions and explanations of every aspect.


If you are using information from other websites, PLEASE ask for permission FIRST! Once you have received permission, read through the article and make sure that the information presented is clear, concise, and correct. Also, think about the website you are borrowing the information from. A General Motors article on Engine blocks may be a little more reputable than a source.


When writing a tech article make sure the article flows. Try to connect one aspect of your topic with the next by integrating them slowly. Give specific details on how things work and how the next piece of your article relates to the previous.


Try to find a topic that is not already posted. If you have additional information on one of the already listed topics, please contact the member that posted the article and ask to add more information. The more topics we have, the more information we have to help our members.


How informational is your topic? Will it actually help the members on this site to understand and comprehend this topic? Does your topic relate to the vehicles on this website? Be as descriptive and informational as you can. The more info, the better.


Try to allow for an easy to follow layout. All titles/Topics in BOLD, Sub-topics in Italics and Underlined, etc. Make your article presentable as if you were submitting it to a magazine.


Air Intakes


All submitted topics will be reviewed by the staff here at 355nation for the aspects listed above in this post. Please know that we will only "correct" or alter things in your article if it is needed or missing, otherwise it will be left as you submitted it. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact myself or any other staff member.
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