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I got this truck 6 yrs ago w 80k miles. Since then replaced the hubs and fuel tank.
Last week my engine quit and stranded me on the interstate. I had the truck towed to a nearby
shop that I only know about because I bought a bike from the owner the day b4.

When my engine quit the temp gauge was normal and no unusual heat or smell was coming into the cab. I rolled to a stop and some smoke was noticeable momentarily. I thought the engine was gone .

I was told a rod had gone through the pan. Since I moved my truck a mechanic friend told me that rod break didn’t happen. What we do know the hose that goes to the heater came loose at the fitting on the firewall. It definitely overheated.

The starter is spinning. He thinks maybe blown head gasket and or broke timing chain.
There is oil in the pan and I have been using full synthetic for awhile with regular timely changes.

Now I’m hoping that the engine may not be a total loss. Question: is a broken timing chain cause catastrophic engine damage . My friend has not had time to make a full exam of my engine yet.
Well be doing a compression test soon.
TIA a for reading and any ideas that you can share.

My truck looks great and I really would like it to last I’m 75.

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Welcome to the Nation.

Maybe you can clarify some of what you posted. The truck quit running while you were driving it. Were there any abnormal indications such as strange noises before it quit? When it did quit, did you open the hood and look in the engine compartment? Where was the smoke coming from, the tailpipe or the engine bay?

Did you have any problems with the temperature indicator prior to this issue? You mentioned that the temp indication was normal when the engine shut down, but now say it definitely overheated?

When you say the "starter is spinning" does that mean the engine is turning over or just that the starter is spinning without engaging the engine? Timing chains are pretty reliable. If it indeed overheated the problem may be just a blown headgasket. A compression check is a good next step.

Let us know how it turns out.
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