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Thanksgiving night.

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Long story short. I drove separately from my girlfriend to her parents house cause i had to be to work early friday. 9pm at night. Choose to take the shortcut home. Well during that shortcut i was going 60mph and a big deer came into the road and i had absolutely no time to react. Hit the deer and the truck shut right off and i quickly got it to the side of the road. Called the state police and they never showed up. Called tow truck and had it towed to the shop by my house.

Currently waiting on the adjuster to come out and check it out. Im willing to bet its a total loss.
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Damn man that sux
Glad u walked away from it did u get banged up at all
Lucky that SOB didnt come up over the hood into your seat
Your damage is similar to what mine was other than I didn't have any real damage to the fender. Depending on how bent up the inner fender structure is you're probably right about it being a total loss. I'd guess somewhere in the neighborhood of $5500, if the airbags deployed then maybe more.
Damn! Hunting should be year round. Deer are assholes.
I hate deer for this reason! Glad you walked away
Damn man, didn't you just get that one? Glad your alright.
Sorry about the truck Nate. Hopefully insurance makes it right. Almost tagged a deer myself just recently.
@Jesse yes i did just get it in june.

Rich. Yea i had a little secret on what i was going to buy. Picked out a new rado. Cats out of the bag now. But now i cant due to this.

Thanks for all the kind comments guys. I sincerely believe somebody was watching over me. Only thing that hurt the day after was my shoulder cause it jerked it from the hit.
Dang, looks just like my canyon when I hit a deer on the freeway it did 12500 damage it obviously was a total loss , if ya get an option to buy it back would ya want to sell it:)


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So today the adjuster should be coming out to look at it. We will see what we find out.
Nice! So what's the deal with the new truck? Is one waiting at the dealer for all this to be settled? Or are you going to have to find another?
Glad to hear your OK. Sorry for your loss and hope you can stay in the 355 family.
Soooo...... Got a call today.

$4700 in damage. And..... There going to fix it. 7000 truck and there going to stick that much into it. Doesnt make sense to me. But oh well. Eta of getting it back is 2-3weeks.

Took some more pictures. Uploading now.
Get some custom shit yo!
There ordering parts today. Negotiating some different upgrades too. :)

Here are the pics.

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Well it looks like the bumper was untouched
Right! Only the plastic is broken. Witch gets taken off when a cover goes over it. ;)
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