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The 355 Lounge

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This is a long term project to hopefully be completed by Spring/Summer, but I have a line on a solid bedside from a Colorado and can pick up a single 22" wheel fairly cheap...

What do you guys think about my plans for a bar in my club room?

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Good shit! Thats fukn sweet!
Thats a good idea, should look sick
it will look bad ass I have always wanted to do some kind of car related furniture but my house is not big enough and I don’t have a garage yet
hell yeah, that would be sweet!
Hell yeah do it
Like it, make the gas door function, Keg hose access.....?
I can't wait to have a real garage!
Like it, make the gas door function, Keg hose access.....?
Or a bottle opener in there
awesome man
looks good man
hell yeah why not. think it'd look cool. my friend has a "bed" out of and s10 bed, painted corvette blue w/custom flames, chrome 18s, a frenched license plate on the tailgate and all. its hilarious cuz hes 23 with a car bed, but its done with such taste you cant hate on it. i'll have to snag a pic next time i'm over there.
Looks bad ass!
thats awesome! we need that for super meets haha
i drew somethign up in CAD for you Matt....just gotta get around to make it a PDF and put it up here
pretty pimp
1 - 20 of 33 Posts
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