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The Busted Knuckle and the mystical Electric Fan

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Listen up kids, here's a story about a mystical electric fan that we have all heard stories about.

Tom, he purchased one of these fans from a man that lives in a far off, magical land called Oregon. Upon delivery, I would imagine that there were singing kittens and glittery butterflies floating around the delivery man, but that's just me speculating.

Anyway, he brought this over to me and I helped him install it.

The old, nasty, bulky fan was pulled out with the help of Tom's He-man like strength with Lionel in the back chanting something about sight beyond sight, I don't know, I wasn't paying much attention to him.

And then the install for the fan came along and Lionel disappeared like he always does when work is needed to be done. That pussy cat.

I didn't take any pictures of the in-between due to the fact that there was so much mystical magic flying around that I only had time to make a call to the Gods of Electric Fans, James. He helped us with his worldly knowledge about the fan and how it should work.

After we got everything installed, correctly, Tom took us for a spin. Lionel was all about hopping in for a ride, but I told him, "Hold up, dawg." I got in the truck and off we flew like Meatloaf going to some destination and back.

After we got back, Tom's son, Gauge showed me this wicked cool Lego car that he built. I eventually stepped on it because that is what Legos are for.

And that was that.

You really had to be there for the awesomeness! Thanks Tom for coming over and letting me partake.
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This story has so much awesomeness I couldn't stop reading it! Gotta love mod meets!
This fan was actually bought from a lil place called tex ass :) u might of heard of it... but a Boyd and his mind of creations figured out the issue

This was his 1st attempt to fix a wire that was cut and ran out of wire


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And here we/HE was trying to figure out why is wasn't fitting in place. The brackets were in the way
Nothing a little cutting can't take care of


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And like mentioned above had to call the all mighty James

But it was figured out and runs fine my temp sits at 1/4 so that's good enough for me plus it added like a bunch of hp hahaha

Thanks again Boyd


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^ can you really feel a difference after install?

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