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The Insanity Project - Transmission Rebuild!

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Ok, so at 202,000 miles and 8 years on my 2005 Canyon, I decided to do some crazy crap to it and make some pretty significant upgrades, while replacing & repairing areas that need it. Crazy because of the mileage on the truck and the money I'll be spending vs what the truck is worth.

2005 GMC Canyon Extended Cab SLE 4WD Z71 I5-3.5L, Purchased New Late July 2004.

Pic as it sat on 7/15/12 (8th year owned)

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Re: The Insanity Project


Trimmed Lower Air Dam & Mounting Flange
Goodmark Hood
New Headlights, Marker Lights and Fog Lamps, Lamin-x'd w/Yellow Reflectors by @un4giv3n
Rhino Lined Bed
Monstaliner Exterior in Black w/Pyroclastic Accents
Monstaliner Black Putco Punch Stainless Grille
Monstaliner Black Westin Stainless Tail Light Guards
Monstaliner Black over Chrome Bumpers
Monstaliner "Don't Yell At Me" Front Skid Plate
Billet Aluminum Door Handles & Buckets
Billet Aluminum Gas Door
Stant Locking Gas Cap
Billet Aluminum GMC 3rd Brakelight Cover
Metra Raptor 17" Shorty Antenna
TireGate VT GM-80004VT, Monstalined Black
Reflective Tape Under TireGate Above Bumper
OEM Brushed Stainless Nerf Bars
OEM Bedrails
z71 Flares Monstaline Pyroclastic
Superskidz Transfer Case Skid Plate
KrFabs Rear Differential Skid Plate
BullMaxx Type 3, Monstalined Black
Crosby G-209 4-3/4 Ton Carbon Steel Shackles
Daystar D-Ring Isolators
20" Curved LED Light Bar
Black Eagle Eyes LED Tail Lights
LED Bed Lights, License Plate Lights
LED Brake/Turn/Reverse Light Strip
DDM Cree 5w Reverse Lights
Low Profile Black Aluminum Truck Box w/GMC Logo
AVS Ventvisors
Stebel Hi-Low Horns
Curt Class III Front Hitch Receiver
Curt 31007 Skid Shield
Curt Class 3 Rear Hitch Receiver
Bestop Highrock Recovery Hitch Shackle Insert

To-Do List
Monstaline Exterior Black (2nd Coat)
40" Offroad Light Bar - Roof
Purplecranium Diff Breather filters

Tiregate VT

Monstalined Black Tail Light Guards

Stebel Horns

GMC 3rd Brake Light Cover, 355 Nation Tag, BFL, MM Sticker, Low Profile Toolbox w/GMC Logo

Billet Aluminum Door Handles & Buckets

Billet Aluminum Gas Door

Rustoleum Bedlined Rear Diff Cover

KrFabs Rear Diff Skid Plate (needs Monstaliner & Stainless Bolts)

Curt Front Hitch w/Skid Shield & Locking Bolt
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Re: The Insanity Project

Premium Glass Package w/Sliding Rear Window
Auto Dimming Mirror w/Compass and Temp

Kenwood DDX470 DVD Headunit w/2015 Firmware 11.06.00
Kenwood CMOS-230 Backup Camera
SiriusXM SXV300V1 Tuner
Kenwood KFC-P790PS 6-3/4" Component Speakers (Front)
Kenwood Excelon KFC-X133 5-1/4" Speakers (Rear)
Second Skin Spectrum Sludge Floor Pan
Dynamat Dynaxorb Pads Behind Speakers
Dynamat Xtreme Suicide Doors, Back Wall & Roof
DynaLiner Headliner, Door Panels, Rear Wall Panel
Deleted Rear Seats & Seatbelts
Escort Passport 8500x50 Black, Blue Display Radar/Laser Detector
PerformancePackage Radar Detector Mirror Mount
ScanGauge II
ScanGauge BlendMount Mirror Mount
H3 Black Leather Heated Power Seats
Bucket Center Console w/Color Matched H3 Armrest
Ram Mount Laptop Stand - 234-3FL, SM1-101, 234-5U, 234-AK1U, B-102-UN7U
iPad Mini Mount - B-316-1-202U + HOL-TABL12U
iBolt xProDock for Note 3
Tripp-Lite 375 Watt Inverter
New Carpet, Mass Backed for sound
Lifehammers Mounted Drivers & Passengers Sides
WeatherTech Floor Liners
3 Gauge A-Pillar Pod Monstalined Pyroclastic
Autometer Cobalt Gauges - Voltmeter, Oil Pressure, Wideband A/F Ratio
2 Gauge DashMount Gauge Pod Monstalined Pyroclastic
Autometer Cobalt Gauges - Fuel Pressure, EGT
H3 Gauge Cluster, Red Xtreme Needles w/Blue LEDs by @captainrab
HVAC Cluster Blue LED by @captainrab
Light Controls Blue LED by @captainrab
4x4/Airbag Switch Blue LED by @captainrab
SSK Black Nickel Shifter Stem by @The Wolf!
SSK Brushed Aluminum Farva Recline Levers by @The Wolf!
SSK Brushed Aluminum Compensator End by @The Wolf!
DK-SSK Blue Smoke HVAC & Headlight Knobs by @un4giv3n
Tacoma Fan Resisitor Upgrade
SPR Brushed Aluminum E-Brake, Gas & Brake Pedals
LED Dome, Footwell & Map Lights
Custom Tool Storage
Customized Smittybuilt MOLLE Seat Storage Mount

To-Do List
Trailer Brake Controller
Install Custom Extended Cab Storage
Xantrex Pro 1500 Watt Inverter
Door Controls Blue LED Mod

Dynamat & Dynaliner Installed:

Spectrum Sludge Installed:

H3 cluster w/LED mod & red xtreme needles:

4x4 & HVAC LED mod:

SSK Brushed Aluminum w/Black Nickle Shifter

H3 Leather, Power, Heated Seats w/SSK Brushed Aluminum Farva Recline Lever

H3 Leather Armrest

Smittybuilt Molle seat cover - customized

RAM Mounts...iPad Mini, Laptop & Phone


ScanGauge II

Radar Detector
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Re: The Insanity Project

Engine & Drivetrain
3.5L i5
3.73 Gears

Hood Insulator
Gutted Stock Airbox, 3" Inlet
Amsoil eaAU3590 Dryflow Air Filter
Supermod Ported Throttle Body by @Supermodulation
Supermod E-Fan by @Supermodulation
Supermod Custom PCM Tune by @Supermodulation
Denso Iridium ITV16's
Supermod Supersparkz by @Supermodulation
B&M 70264 14,400 BTU Transmission Cooler
B&M 80277 Remote Transmission Filter
Supermod Big "3" Upgrade by @Supermodulation
165 Amp Load Boss Alternator
150 Amp Mega Fuse
Military Battery Terminals
Superior Fairbanks Billet 1-2-3 & OD Servo's K012 & K0134
*PATC Raptor Junior 4L60E Stage 2 Transmission*
Sonnax Performance Pack HP-4L60E-01
DieHard Platinum (Odyssey) Group 34 AGM Battery
Rocky Mountain Driveline Front Driveshaft
Red Filtermags - Oil & External Transmission Filter
KPE Equal Length Stainless Steel Header
Magnaflow Midpipe Cat #93422
Magnaflow Single Out Exhaust #15845
RC73 Mobil 1 Oil Fill Cap
H2 Evap Canister Purge Valve
Driveshaft Balanced w/Greasable U-Joints
Amsoil Propylene Glycol Antifreeze 60/40 w/Dominator
Amsoil Synthetic Power Steering Fluid
Amsoil DOT3 Brake Fluid
Amsoil 75w90 Severe Gear
Amsoil Syncromesh
Amsoil Signature Series ATF

To-Do List
New Radiator
Custom Mounting Bracket - Transmission Cooler
Auxiliary Battery System;
Two Exide Megacycle AGM Marine Deep Cycle 31's
Blue Sea Systems ML-ACR Automatic Charging Relay with Manual Control - 12V DC 500A PN7622
Blue Sea Systems MEGA® / AMG® Fuse Block - 100-300A with Cover PN 5001 w/150A Mega Fuse

RC73 Mobil 1 Oil Cap

Supermodulation E-Fan

Load Boss 165Amp Alternator

Diehard Platinum (Odyssey) Group 34 AGM, Military Battery Terminals, Big 3 Upgrade

Superior Fairbanks Billet 1-2-3 & OD Servo's K012 & K0134
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Re: The Insanity Project

Wheels & Suspension

Z71 Offroad Package

ProComp 5001 Matte Black 16x8, 4.5" Backspace
Gorilla Ultra E/T Triple Chrome Lug Nuts, 1.8"
Goodyear Duratrac 285/75r16
Rancho RS6569B 4" Suspension Lift Kit, Front only
General Spring 2.5"x52" 1600lb 5-Leaf Packs
2009-2012 V8 Torsion Bars
SuspensionMaxx UCA Bump Stops
SuspensionMaxx Maxx Shackles
SuspensionMaxx 1/4" UCA Balljoint Spacer
UCA Balljoint Flip
Moog Swaybar Endlinks -K80582, K80583
Moog Inner Tierods - EV80341, EV80433
Moog Outer Tierod Ends -ES80761
Moog Upper Ball Joints - K80984
Energy Suspension Swaybar Bushings 9.5162R
Mayhem Metal Works Steering Rack Mount & Bushings
EBC 3GD Slotted & Dimpled Front Rotors GD7270
EBC Yellowstuff Brake Pads DP41705R
G2 Epoxy Calipers
Goodridge 4-14195 Extended Braided Stainless Brake Lines
Rancho RS5190 & RS5610 Shocks
Timken Hubs & Bearings
Dorman 1/4" Wheel Spacers (front)

To-Do List
Bilstein 5125 monotube front shocks - 360/80 valving custom 186504
Bilstein 5125 monotube rear shocks -255/70 valving, 185552
Rear Limit Straps

Lifted - 26" Front, 26-3/4" Rear; Hub to Fender

G2 Epoxy Calipers

Timken Hubs, EBC GDC Slotted & Dimpled Rotors

SuspensionMaxx MaxxShackle

Balljoint Flip, SuspensionMaxx Spacer on Moog Problem Solver

ProComp 5001 Matte Black w/Gorilla Ultra E/T Triple Chrome Lug Nuts, 1.8"
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Re: The Insanity Project

So far, major repairs have included both u joints, front hub & bearings on both sides, tie rod ends & balljoints (at various times) brake calipers, the entire ebrake cable system, front seal on the transmission, broken torsion bar, evap valve on top of the gas tank, head failure (78k miles or so).

I'll keep an eye for anything unusual as this progresses.
Re: The Insanity Project

2 things of note while doing the rear shocks - the drivers side outer bolt (closest to the wheelwell at the top of the shock) was stripped before I ever saw it. Looks like it was crossthreaded at the factory, stuck a 5/16x1 grade 8 in there with some blue threadlocker.

The second thing was the lower mount on the passengers side where the shock connects below the leaf packs - the stock shock was WAY overtightened and the bracket was just wide enough to let me pull the old out and squeeze the new rancho in.
Re: The Insanity Project

Yeah, they were shot. The truck didn't show the typical "endless bounce" of failed shocks, and still absorbed some impact - the ride was getting like a 1 ton with 50psi tires.

With the rears in, the ride changed completely, almost back to what it was stock. The fronts arrive today.

My plan is to do the front shocks, rear diff fluid & cover change, and MAYBE the TB/MAF/seafoam cleaning and MAP swap if I have time. I might seafoam the oil and drive 100 miles then do an oil change today also. All time dependent, and the shocks haven't arrived yet.
Re: The Insanity Project

Yeah, probably true. I thought I saw something recommending between 30-100 miles after adding seafoam to the oil. I'll dig around some more before pulling the trigger on that.

On another note, my G2 caliper paint came today, but I won't be putting it on until I can let the truck sit for a day or so after it's done.
Re: The Insanity Project

Front shocks were a PITA.

You know what 7 years of upstate winters does to hex key holes in crappy stock shocks? Destroys them utterly. I had to vice grip the top to get it to stay still so I could move the nut, and when I got too close to the top I had to cut the bushing away, vice grip the lower, and remove the nut that way.

Anyways, it's done now!

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Re: The Insanity Project

Actually that rust is about average (and pretty light compared to some) at almost 8 years and 7 upstate ny winters. Most of what you see there is on the upper and lower a arms, which have never been replaced and need bushings, and which I'll probably be replacing along with balljoints and tie rods when my rancho 4" kit goes in. My knuckle gets replaced with the rancho kit, and my calipers are going to get g2'd shortly.

We get lots of road salt and grime up here, so rust is inevitable. I'll be getting RustCheck or Fluid Film on the underbody in September or October. You can't undercoat the frame up here because the first rock chip in it just traps water and salt right on the steel.

I'll be undercoating the wheelwells with herculiner or monstaliner (whichever is thicker and better at killing sound) and doing the rockers, flares, roof, hood, and lower part of the doors in monstaliner.

I also am now moving up my schedule on the interior, I'll be ripping out the carpets and doing the floor with Spectrum sludge with a topcoat of monstaliner for the floors. Dynamat extreme on walls and roof. There was a coffee incident today that involved 12oz of coffee, spilled under my seat complete with creamer, and left in the sun for 12 hours. Mmmm...that smell.
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Re: The Insanity Project

I'm a little jealous, but I love my snowmobile!

In any case, getting my soft 8's put on today and getting my new real full sized spare put on (i bought 5 soft 8's and 1 31x10.5x15 duratrac) and will be using the 265/75r15 sr/a's I have until they don't pass inspection anymore (sometime next spring most likely) and then I'll get my lift done and put on 33x12.5x15's. They should fit on my 15x8 soft 8's with 4" BS, but I'll have to ditch the mudflaps. It is what it is.

I'll post pics tonight.

I MIGHT have time to do my TB cleaning, I just want to make sure I can take pics so everyone can see a tb with 200k on it before cleaning.
Re: The Insanity Project

Seafoamed top end, added seafoam to crankcase, drove 30 miles, parked, hot oil change with mobil 1 extended (mobil 1 extended that was inside had less than 1,000 miles on ot and it was BLACK...but runny and not at all tarlike) cleaned MAF sensor, replaced MAP sensor, cleaned TB.

And then...low power mode. No start.

Double checked maf and map electrical connections and seatings, started right up and runs smooth as a baby's ass. Error code shows on the dash, just from low power mode i bet - so i'll take it to the dealer and get it reset and have them reset the computer so it can relearn on the new/clean parts.

Also running ethanol free 91 octane, 3rd tank.

Pics from the tb.
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Re: The Insanity Project

Soft 8's are on!

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Re: The Insanity Project

Thanks man! I'm really happy with how they turned out.

Next up - ripping out carpet & hitting it with spectrum sludge & doing my wheel well & fender flares with Monstaliner.
Re: The Insanity Project

Spectrum Sludge & Dynamat Xtreme ordered today, as soon as I get an answer from tech support on primers, it will be time to order my Monstaliner. All 37 color samples are on the way here so I can choose a floor color and make sure basic black matches the exterior.
Re: The Insanity Project

truck looks sharp
Thanks man.

I'm going to be a guinea pig for this project. I've been emailing back and forth with Eric Rosenthal from Magnet Paints about the Monstaliner product and what I want to do, and also with Max from secondskinaudio about the best way to apply the spectrum sludge and soundproofing.

So here is what we came up with:

Strip Carpeting, deal with any rust or anything else that needs to be cleaned, and then apply Spectrum Sludge in a 3MM thick coating. ~3 gallons of product to do the entire tub of the Extended Cab.

After Spectrum Sludge has cured (~30 days), apply Dynamat Xtreme over the top of it to maximize the sound deadening on the floor (or Damplifier Pro, for this project I already have dynamat xtreme in the truck and had ordered the rest before finalizing talks with Max & Eric)

Once Dynamat is installed, rough up the aluminum on the Dynamat with 180 grit, wipe with acetone & put on 1 coat of epoxy primer before applying Monstaliner, I'll probably do 2-3 coats of it (1-2 gallons worth) since I want a thicker than usual coating (my rhinoliner in the bed of my truck is around 3/16 thick, and I'd like to get close to that since I won't be re-carpeting)

I can't wait to start!
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Re: The Insanity Project

Dynamat is finished on all doors, and 1/8" Dynaliner on top. DynaXorb squares behind the speakers, mounted with 100% silicone clear caulk.

I'm also considering dynaliner on the BACK of the panels, but it might be overkill. It's pretty quiet, and I haven't done the floor yet. I do have an extra 1/8" I might just pull the trigger. I think I'll need to buy one more to do both sets of doors, so I might hold off until the other surfaces are done.
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Re: The Insanity Project


I'm the lucky one that snagged the ones off Jimbo's old truck from James earlier this week.

On to the show...first, the great unpacking. My pup had to inspect to make sure there were no other dogs on the metal before her.

Full set

And of course, like all things on this truck, I had to improvise. My drivers side skid plate bolt sheared off inside the nut (it was like that from the factory I'm guessing, never noticed it till a few weeks ago and thought it rattled out...nope, with the factory plate off I saw the truth...) So, I drilled it out to 5/16, bought a 5/16 grade 8 and a washer and a nut and some red threadlocker and went to town. I also managed to KEEP my plastic air scoop from the factory skid plate by using a drill, a jigsaw, and a pair of pliers. Removed all the "skid" parts, and got it to mount flush to the top of the I don't have to worry about cooling issues that may arise from removing it.

The transfer case plate didn't fit either, I had to drill out holes at the top of my frame rail to allow the 1/2" bolt to pass through (on the one with the tbar keys). For whatever reason, there was never any there. Now there are.

And now I just need to wait for bubaloo to make the brackets for the a-arms for me so I can install the transfer case skid plate.

I replaced all the hardware with grade 8 from tractor supply (bolts, nuts, washers and all) since they were $4/lb for bulk...yeah. So $14 later I had all new shiny grade 8 yellow zinc hardware to put these on with. Today also entailed replacing the exhaust camshaft actuator solenoid and the fuel pressure regulator, no pics - but they are done. Between those 2 parts and the supersparkz / new Denso ITV16's...the engine runs like new again. Drove for a bit to verify no leaks, and I'm apparently good to go.
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Re: The Insanity Project

Tiregate is installed!

All told the install took around 45 minutes, and was pretty straighforward. The directions included aren't great, but they get you by. I'm probably going to nail it with Monstaliner before winter for some added protection.
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