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The Insanity Project - Transmission Rebuild!

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Ok, so at 202,000 miles and 8 years on my 2005 Canyon, I decided to do some crazy crap to it and make some pretty significant upgrades, while replacing & repairing areas that need it. Crazy because of the mileage on the truck and the money I'll be spending vs what the truck is worth.

2005 GMC Canyon Extended Cab SLE 4WD Z71 I5-3.5L, Purchased New Late July 2004.

Pic as it sat on 7/15/12 (8th year owned)

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Re: The Insanity Project - Bumper Blacking & BullMaxx Install

Hey that molle seatback cover is cool..
Re: The Insanity Project - Magnaflow Exhaust & KPE header installed!!

Those gauges do look great, whatever series they are.

I may have missed it, but why the egt gauge? doing your own tuning off the dyno?
Re: The Insanity Project - bumpers Monstalined

Lmao. Sometimes big hammers happen. Looks great.
Re: The Insanity Project - BullMaxx Monstalined

Gonna keep the silver stuff? (3rd brake cover, gas cap, handles)
Re: The Insanity Project - BullMaxx Monstalined

Ah I have a thing for brushed stuff too.

It would also be cool to anodize it if you had an extra oven in the back yard. :)
Re: The Insanity Project - New Pics

Man, I've been having some weird fuel related issues, I hope mines not in that rough of shape.

Looks like the repair job should hold up though. Good job.
Re: The Insanity Project - New Pics


You should not have these rust issues living out there
Yeah, that buildup on the top of the tank is sand, salt, dirt and rust from being in upstate NY. AZ should be fine, might not even have any rust at all, just a pile of sand.
Yeah, good points. Now to determine why I'm leaking gas when I fill up and starving at low fuel :th_woot:
1 - 7 of 291 Posts
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