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Throttle Body issue? DIY smoke test.. P0411 code.

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I ran a smoke test and it appears to have leaks around the throttle body. Do I replace the entire throttle body? I removed and cleaned out the throttle body months ago and have been trying to erase the P0411 code. The smog pump is working, I replaced the secondary valve intake, replaced the fuse, and the relays located to the side of the radiator and by the air intake. I thought a smoke test might help and smoke is leaking all around the Throttle body. any pointers? Video for the smoke leak

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You have two separate issues, providing that the smoke is coming from around the throttle body. Do you have any other codes set?

P0411 is an air pressure problem only related to the Secondary Air System. Fixing a possible throttle body leak will not do anything to cure the P0411 problem.

Unless the throttle body has been physically damaged, the only source of a leak would be where it mounts. Replace the seal and smoke test it again.
Just the P0411 code. I may have done some damage to the throttle body since I removed the part and gave it a good cleaning. When I reinstalled the throttle body i did not realize that I needed to use a torque wrench (89lbs) on the bolts. Pretty sure I cranked down on them.

Thank you!
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