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I have a 2006 Colorado, 2WD with the MA5 5 speed. Recently Swapped in a LM7 5.3 V8 and the FabBot adapter kit.
Drove about 1000 miles before the swap, never had an issue shifting. I dropped the V8 a month ago and I've been trying to go on short drives to tune and test it.

I have to bleed the clutch before every drive, and about 5 minutes down the road it gets very hard to shift. I pull into the driveway and theres fluid dribbling out of the bellhousing. Textbook bad throwout bearing, right? I pulled the trans off last weekend, replaced it with a new LUK throwout bearing and the exact same thing happens. Still leaks pretty bad out of the same spot, clutch pedal feels soft. I changed the little O-ring on the quick connect too.

What are the chances I got a new bearing thats dead on arrival? is there anything on a throwout bearing install thats easy to screw up and damage a brand new throwout bearing? What's the best brand of throwout bearing to get that isn't $300?

thanks for any input, i'm really trying to get this pile of junk project done before there's snow on the ground
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