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I have plans to do a 3/4 drop on my z85. (Picked up a full DJM Kit thats brand new with LCA's and blocks for $50 from an old lady who got it included with her truck when purchased, lucky me - she had no clue what she had)

Currently I have black powder-coated H3 rims (also purchased for a insanely low price) with 265/70/16's and they rub at the stock height at full lock (front) and then will rub randomly in the back (side of inner wheel well). So obviously I could not install the 3/4 drop and drive it to get new tires, they will need to be put on first.....So what size tire would I need to get? I am looking to have a good amount of rubber (to fill wheel gap), i dont want the wheels to look any smaller than they are. What is your suggestions? ive spent 2 hours trying to figure it now ill ask. I want it to look as nice as possible with the H3's and 3/4 drop until I get larger rims.

thanks in advance........this will be just until i get some 18's or 20s... one step at a time.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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