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I recently replaced the back seat of my 05 extended cab with a sub. I tried to bolt the sub to the floor using the holes and bolts from the under seat toolbox, only to find out that the bolt was not long enough. I went to Lowe's and got 2 bolts. I test fit a nut onto them and the stock bolt and it went on both just fine. I got home to find that the new bolts wouldn't thread into the hole in the floor. Upon further inspection of the stock bolts, they appear to be tapered, smaller diameter at the foot and larger after about 1/4 inch.

Long story short, what size are the bolts for the seat tool box and where can I find longer ones?

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You might have better luck at a store like Fastenal.

Item Number: 007
GM Part Number: 11609756
Description: BOLT. Seat. Seat Belt. (m12x1.75x35)
Cost: $3.71

Item Number: 011
GM Part Number: 11609669
Description: BOLT. BOLT. A/C Refrigerant. Body Side Window. Capsule/Headlamp/Fog Lamp Mounting. Chassis/Engine Wiring Harness. Door Hinge. Emission Control System. End Gate Lock. Inflatable Restraint System. Instrument Panel. Main Wiring Junction and Fuse Block. Radiator Tank. Steering Column Attaching.
(Hx hd. flt washer, m6x1.0x25.0, gm500m (9.8) steel, gmw3200)
Cost: $3.64
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