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torque converter question

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want to ask. what kind of performance stall can i use for my 3.5 I5 colorado??
i bought a TB stall of a TBSS but its to big and doesnt fit the flexplate holes. so is there any other stall i can buy and for sure to fit
thanks in advance
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I'm pretty sure Emaxxer has an aftermarket stall. I think he had his rebuild to whatever specs he wanted.
He was only able to go up like 500 rpm on the stall speed if I remember correctly.
If the only issue is the flex plate holes you can re drill of key hole the mounting holes. People do it all the time
The only company that I know of that was making custom converters for the Colorados was Yanks, but those were on a special order process.
I was thinking of redrilling for the holes to put the tb stall but then I search google and yes found out that Yank can make custom converters for our trucks. So I rather save up and buy a good one. Probably 2800 or 3000 one of those.
So im putting everything back on. N wait to buy the Yank, shift kit o rebuilt kit and servos
Thanks guys for your help
what convertor are they listing for our trucks? or are you lookin at the trailblazer models?

id like a direct fit convertor, no modifing the flexplate, just a new part that fits.

do they have that and i missed it?
I searched google and yes found out that Yank can make custom converters for our trucks.
From yank on 12 Jan 2015

James I did build a couple before but we don¹t get enough call for them so I don¹t due them anymore. I don't know of anyone doing them at this time sorry.

Dave Myers
Yank Performance
I called patc and I think they will build a converter. I was looking for one that was stock stall. They'd be worth a call.
Hello James,

Thank you for submitting a tech card with Hughes Performance. We could modify your original torque converter for increased stall speed. We can typically achieve 300 - 500 RPM more stall speed by modifying your original converter core. I would not be able to guarantee 3,000 RPM stall speed. We may be able to achieve your desired stall speed level, but not until we have had an opportunity to disassemble and inspect your original converter core. Build and modification services typically run in the $395.00 - $510.00 range depending on the extent of modifications and labor required. Lead time is typically 2 - 3 business days once we have your converter core at our facility.

If you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at any time. Thank you for your interest in Hughes Performance!

Pete Nichols
Sales Manager / Tech Support
Hughes Performance
800-274-7223 Ext. 209
Welcome to Hughes Performance!
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