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Torsion bar codes

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Is there any real difference between 6zg/7zg, 6zf/7zf, and 6zh/7zh? I have an 05 colorado z71 reg cab ls 4x4. The codes in my glove compartment call for 6zg/7zg.
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I believe they are coded by cab and motor configuration. But, I don't know for sure. Are you trying to find replacements?
Yea. I have one set of spares. Looking for another as well. I'm wondering if they are the same size regardless of cab and motor configuration and drive train.
And they all hexagonal? Same size to fint in the control arms and keys?
I'd have to know the measurements of those vs the spares I have in my room.
They are all essentially the same except the V8 models are more “HD”.

I’ve got a set of V8 TBs I’d part with pretty cheap if you’re interested. 😉 I imagine shipping would be costly though.
The measurement for the V8 bars is Identical to the I5/I4 bars, but, they are heavier and exert more torsional force to compensate for the V8 added weight.
These trucks did not get as much love as others.
Thats discrimination. Pretty sad that it took almost a decade for someone to make the other components, like ball joint spacers and diff drop for the 2 in leveling kits, as well as longer shackles and/or an add a leaf.
I'm in the learning phase of this. Luckily my bro can turn wrenches. when he has time of course. being a dad of 3 and an office manager and all. Hey I figured out how to do a t bar crank lol. What yr is yours? I may do some digging for those heavy duty torsion bars so I have 2 spares.
Ok I'll check that site out and type in that and see what I come up with.
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