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Torsion bar codes

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Is there any real difference between 6zg/7zg, 6zf/7zf, and 6zh/7zh? I have an 05 colorado z71 reg cab ls 4x4. The codes in my glove compartment call for 6zg/7zg.
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I believe they are coded by cab and motor configuration. But, I don't know for sure. Are you trying to find replacements?
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The length is the same. I think the difference is how much torsional force (weight) one will carry.
The measurement for the V8 bars is Identical to the I5/I4 bars, but, they are heavier and exert more torsional force to compensate for the V8 added weight.
These trucks did not get as much love as others.
I know. Bought mine new in 2005. Have watched the aftermarket for years just ignore us
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