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I have a 2004 colorado zr1 with the I5. Looking to get a enclosed utility trailer to turn into a camper of sorts... I guess my first question is what size do you all think would be a good size to get for that application? Next would it it be worth it to get a 4 link with air bags to replace the rear suspension, cause I have seen that there are lots of issues with the leaf springs deforming on the older colorados. I am already planing on installing a air compressor for pneumatic lock diffs on the front and rear. Next realistically what is the most the I5 engine and drive train can pull? I know the towing capacity is based off break size and I was planning on installing a break controller so that would help... also I am planning on building a bed and rook rack and getting move front and rear bumpers and doing all the trail truck stuff, Jerry cans, bumper mounted spare and some other stuff so I am going to be adding several hundred pounds to the truck itself... any thoughts or input would be appreciated
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