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07 colorado 3.7 sas swap. Stock engine, trans, transfer case.
Obviously the electronic transfer case engagement is problematic. I've seen the np241 swaps to a manual case and I believe that is a great solution.
However I've came up with a method that works to engage the transfer case electronically bypassing the tccm and bcm.
I've made a simple harness that plugs into the motor on the tc and goes to a momentary switch on the dash to turn it on. Its a little finicky to get into 4wd high but is doable. 4wd low is not a problem. Push the switch till you hear the case clack into gear and that's it. Switch the other way to reverse the motor and your back in 2wd. This method has been tested on 2 different vehicles successfully.
I'm thinking of taking it a dtep further and using 2 timer relays set to the exact position of rotation where the motor shaft engages 4 hi and a second at 4 lo. Wire them to the stock 4wd buttons on the dash and you should have a way less complex push button 4wd setup. There will have to be a 3rd relay to reverse the continuity to rotate the motor back to 2wd hi. Has anyone ever attempted this or something similar.
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