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transmission go boom

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So I was on my to a friends in my truck. Turned onto the highway and went to accelerate... Bang! Wth? and then my truck stopped accelerating. I pulled over and after messing it (automatic transmission) I figure out manually selecting 1st and 2nd work... So I have to get back on the highway.. Drive up the road and turn around... Fastest I go is 60 in 5:00 traffic. I get turned around and putt the damn thing to the best person in the world a transmission mechanic ! Thank you thank you thank you.

We had it hauled out replaced the broken part and it was back in before 9:00. And because he does work on the side and knew me and another friend has the same transmission, he kept what was left over from another job... what a guy eh? It was ready to go the next morning :th_woot:


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So what was the problem?
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