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Similar to the post I put in "For sale," just a heads up, I'm back in Australia for around four months.

Last time I was down here, I made a thread for the various Holden Colorado/Rodeo/Isuzu/Great Wall sightings that I found down here, and wanted to continue that trend this time around.

However, I also don't want to A) waste my time and B) take pictures of trucks and parts that no one wants to see. So this time around, I'm creating a thread for photo requests. If you are looking for a specific part, or are curious how their suspensions look compared to ours, post here, and I'll do my best to hunt down whatever shot you need!

Wondering if their seats are compatible with ours? I can take a look! Are their H3 seats different than ours? I'm an easy resource to figure it out.

Like I said in my other post, if no one cares, not a big deal, but this is just a unique opportunity that I want to help the nation out with.

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