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true/false? replacing ABS on the vehicle?

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Ashamed to say I don't recall (if I ever did know) but can the ABS sensor be replaced on the vehicle without removing the hub + rotor?

... now I'm recalling, the answer is no, because the sensor is concentric with the hub, yeah?

wow, I'm batting 1,000.
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It depends on the year truck you have because the early 04-08 year had the incorporated sensor and the later 09-12 year had a separate pick-up sensor.


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Now that I did not understand about the later assemblies..

And timely with something on a different vehicle going on also,

Even that alone is reason to upgrade during rebuild to use the later brakes.
.. with a rear disc conversion I'd be just as happy to run a pre-'09 rotor up front for less unsprung weight.

The smaller rotors feel great on a '05 crew with TSMMC rear disc conversion.
On a std-cab I would expect even better..
Rears being independently suspended they should be outstanding.

-- Being able to replace the (front) sensor is another matter altogether, plenty reason to go '09+.

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The 09-12 have replaceable pickups :cry:

So much work on the early models... :lmao:
Yes, you have to remove the hub to do the job! @Rick_crew
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